Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth

Italian Italian Food | 19 March, 2021

Prego – The Fine Dining Set Menu In Perth

Italian cuisine comprises exceptional cooking techniques, Prego – The fine dining set menu in Perth will enable the cozy environment and dig into the fine dining set menu. The ingredients are olives, wheat, tomatoes, and wine. Feel the heavenly bliss aroma of our food.

Prego brings the soul of Italian cooking to Perth. Italy is a land of fashion, style, culture, and Mediterranean cuisine. To maintain the proper balance of Italian food expert cooking techniques are essential. Not only that fresh seasonal herbs and ingredients are also required, most of the recipes taken from old Italian food practices.

Prego focuses on serving mouth-watering cuisine. Every single menu in the Prego restaurant is unique. It will give you a compelling experience. Prego signifies with confidence that they serve quality dishes on the plate.

Ala Carte Dishes

The term Ala-carte is the French word that cites individual ordering. Prego a plethora of ala-carte dishes. Experience every time taste on your platter. Although; You will enjoy your dine-in Perth with all varieties of delicious dishes.

The Ala Carte Menu Includes:

·   Starter

The starters before a meal used to surge the hunger. It is also represented as Appetizers. Italian Sausage and Olives, Tossed and roasted capsicum or dried tomatoes, olives, Oregano.

·   Entree

The entree is also labeled as the main dish. Charm your mind with the best entree’s ever in Italy. Prego encounters you with the mesmerizing experience of dine-in Perth. Items like; Fried tiger prawns with chili and garlic, Egg Plant stuffed with goat cheese

·   Mains

In Prego, you experience delight with a fine dining set menu. We cater for you good food with the soft touch of our hospitality.

The mains include Duck baked-on firewood, Red wine, Baked potatoes, and beef fillets, etc.

·   Dessert

Relish your meal end with the finger-licking desserts at Prego – The fine dining set menu in Perth. Choose your options according to your mood. It includes ice cream with vanilla beans, fruit salad, sorbet, tiramisu, chocolate fondant.

Takeaway Dishes

Although, Prego serves the best takeaway dishes in Perth. Proper hygiene maintained to cook. Both Veg and Non-veg items are delish. You would experience the burst of Italian flavors in every morsel.

Our expert chefs have designed the fine dine-in set menu according to your taste.Prego offers tasteful takeaway dishes like sauteed prawns and chicken, homemade pasta, meatballs.

You can also choose desserts as a takeaway meal. Relish your food with comfort at home with your family or mates. Prego guarantees the ultimate relaxation after your hectic day schedule.

Order online to get the best flavors.

Enjoy Wine And Beer

To complete the authentic dine-in and take away wine and beer is the best option. Prego keeps up the culinary culture in Perth by upkeeping the best flavors.

Our expert chefs have chosen dishes that will give you a mesmerizing experience.  Food is not complete at all without beer or wine. Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth will make you experience twist. Every platter is soothing to look at and flavourful to eat.

There is a wide stock range of wine and beer in Prego. It includes champagne, cider, wine both full and half bottle. The wines are from the selectable wine cellars selling from generations. Prego makes you enjoy its fine dining set menu in Perth with every sip of its exclusive wine and beer.

Enjoy Saturday Set Menu at Prego-Fine Dine in Perth

Prego Italian Restaurant - The fine dining set menu in Perth

Taste the finger-licking menu in Perth. Perth is the destination of music, tradition, and loving culture. Every single menu gives you the divine taste of the produce of organic fields and farming. Everyone will get to enjoy the fabulous dining and breakfast contents at Prego, The fine dining set menu in Perth.

Saturday is the first day of your weekend. Enjoy your Saturday with the best food and drinks. Prego-fine dines in Perth has its fabulous Saturday set menu.

The set menu is the menu that has certain options to choose from it. It has a fixed price for all the items.

Above all, there are several courses with Starter, Entree, and Dessert at last. Items like beef fillet, baked mushrooms, crispy duck are mouth-watering. Desserts like chocolate tart, pannacotta is good to have

Awards and Accolades

Prego The fine dining set menu in Perth makes you savor all the signature dishes by the best expert chefs. It gives you a comfortable environment with cozy hospitality.

It thrills the mouth of everyone who comes there.There are several awards and accolades received by Prego from Savour in the years 2010 and 2015.

Not only this there is an ample number of reviews shared in journals like Sunday Times and Perth Now.

Private Venue for the Function in Perth

Not only suckle Italian cuisine. Prego – The fine dining set menu in Perth gives you a good experience of dine-in Perth. If you are not finding any suitable place for your family occasion or friends party or get together,

leave it on Prego.  Prego will arrange for an unforgettable lunch or dinner party by keeping in mind all the orders. With a max booking of up to eighty people,  Prego will give you a stunning experience.

Being one of the famous Italian Restaurant Perth, Prego charts out all the customer’s menus. All the menus are from expert chefs. They have planned according to customers taste, not only, but food hypersensitivity is also one of the dangerous things one encounters.

Prego looks after the sensitive issues faced by our customers. Your taste preference is our concern. Our clean ambience will give you a blissful experience. We guarantee that you would never forget it.

Our team will give you the cozy touch of Italian ambience. Prego – The fine dining set menu in Perth will tune you up with all the traditional food and culture of Italy in Perth.

It guaranteed that you would come back again again. Prego is there to welcome you with its open hands and serve you with the best it has.

Precaution for Covid-19 Outbreak

Covid-19 Outbreak has created a disturbance in our daily lives. But, there is no need to worry about it. Prego – The fine dining set menu in Perth only has a takeaway menu. By maintaining proper hygiene we are operational now.

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Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth has originated its fine dining set menu to feast your appetite with the best delight!


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Prego Italian Restaurant has long been a destination choice for food lovers. Customers visit this special Italian Restaurant to taste some delectable Italian cuisine in the regions and leave the restaurant with great contentment. Our chef makes it a point to serve you the tastiest delicacies in the healthiest way. Count on us for a healthy & tasty treat and feel the indulgence!

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