How to choose the best fine dining Italian restaurant Perth?

Fine dining Italian restaurant Perth offers an array of authentic Italian cuisines. You will find Italian restaurants all around Perth and in the surrounding areas. But choosing the best Italian restaurant can be tricky. If you dig deeper into this, you will see so many restaurants that are claiming to be the best Italian restaurant. But there is a high possibility that they are one of the fake ones around.

fine dining Italian restaurant Perth

How to choose the best fine dining Italian restaurant Perth

Want to know how to choose the best Italian restaurant in Perth? You are at the right place. In this post, we will tell you how to choose the best fine dining Italian restaurant Perth.

Choosing the best Italian restaurant in Perth

Finding the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy would require some good research.  If you are not sure what are factors you should look for, we are here to help. Here are some great tips for you that are going to be of help.  Check out the tips below.

Firstly, start with some market research

Firstly, start with some market research

Firstly, start with some market research

Before you select an Italian restaurant Perth city, start with some market research. You can take suggestions from your friends, family or relatives. They might know about the authentic Italian restaurants in the city. In other words, let’s say you live in Subiaco. Look for people who have been to the Italian restaurant Subiaco. Ask for their opinions and reviews. Moreover, you can just Google it. Check the online ratings and reviews of the Italian restaurants and find the perfect one.

Additionally, if you read reviews from past customers you will find it helpful. Take some time out and check the restaurant’s social media pages and reviews. Otherwise, you can check their Google My Business reviews. You will find some authentic feedback there with attached pictures by the customers.

Secondly, be sure about the authenticity of the restaurant

Secondly, be sure about the authenticity of the restaurant

Secondly, be sure about the authenticity of the restaurant

This is one of the most important things to consider. When you are choosing an Italian restaurant Subiaco, check its authenticity. In other words, A real Italian place should serve authentic Italian cuisine. If it doesn’t then you should not visit the place and spend money. It’s not worth it.

You will mainly find the fast-food chains not following the authenticity. But, a fine dining Italian restaurant Perth like Prego, always provides authentic cuisines. So, when you are out to dine in, make sure it’s worth spending the money.

Thirdly, Italian restaurants aren’t usually open all day long

Thirdly, Italian restaurants aren’t usually open all day long

Thirdly, Italian restaurants aren’t usually open all day long

You might think you can find the real taste of Italy at any restaurant. We are sorry to burst your bubble. We hate to tell you that there is a huge number of fake Italian restaurants lingering around. So, visit an Italian restaurant in the city that is not open all day long. This is not known to all. The authentic Italian restaurants are open only during certain hours.

This happens because Italians have a certain time of having lunch and dinner. Moreover, they are very specific about it. That is the reason the restaurants are open from 12 pm to 2.30 pm for lunch. The dinner time is 7.30 pm to 11 am. If an Italian restaurant is serving all day long, it’s not an authentic one.

Prego restaurant is an Italian restaurant Perth city. We are open for dinner every Tuesday to Saturday. We also serve lunch from Tuesday to Friday. So, visit us during the mentioned hours and have a taste of authentic Italian food.

Don’t visit the restaurant if you find pizza on the lunch menu

Don’t visit the restaurant if you find pizza on the lunch menu

Don’t visit the restaurant if you find pizza on the lunch menu

In Italy, certain food items have a specific time for being served. Considering this, the authentic Italian restaurants would not serve pizza for lunch. You will find many restaurants in the city serving pizza for lunch. It’s best to avoid them because an authentic Italian restaurant like Prego wouldn’t do that!

Try not to get lured in

Try not to get lured in

Try not to get lured in

You may find Italian restaurant Subiaco with a host who’s more than nice. You will also see a menu in English and a complimentary welcome drink. So, it’s better you understand when you should just keep on walking. Moreover, the places that serve authentic Italian cuisines are usually pre-booked. So, if you go without a reservation, they might not be able to accommodate you.

At Prego, we are now serving 20 people at a time and pre-booking is required. If you want to visit us then go to our website and book your table today.

A menu with pictures is a big no

The restaurant seems nice but you found pictures on the menu?

It’s a big NO!

You will see fine dining Italian restaurant Perth impressing customers with good services. They do not include delicious-looking pictures that might misguide people. In reality, these food items are not going to be anything like you have imagined. If you find pictures in the menu, take it as a note that they are just playing with human psychology. It’s a trick to lure tourists so that they spend more on expensive dishes.

The ambience is an important factor

The ambience is an important factor

The ambience is an important factor

We know the quality and the authenticity of food matters the most while you are eating out. However, the ambience should be great as well. Because dine-in is not just about the food but the experience too. If you are not liking the surroundings, you won’t be able to enjoy your food as well.

At Prego fine dining Italian restaurant Perth, we serve great food in a great ambience. Whether you are coming in for a family dinner or a dinner date, you will always find the ambience perfect. Here you will get a welcoming atmosphere with attentive service.

A menu with questionable varieties

A menu with questionable varieties

A menu with questionable varieties

When you go to an authentic Italian restaurant, you will get Italian food. That’s it. However, In Perth, you will find many restaurants offering an extremely creative menu. Well, there comes the question regarding authenticity. Usually, all the Italian cuisines are simple. So, if you notice varying ethnicities after opening the menu, run away! It’s not an authentic Italian restaurant.

Here at Prego Restaurant, we make sure all the cuisines are cooked just the way it’s done in Italy. Simplicity is our formula to create authentic Italian cuisines. So, visit Prego: the best Italian restaurant Perth city.

Check the authenticity of the food you are being served

Check the authenticity of the food you are being served

Check the authenticity of the food you are being served

This is a key thing to consider while looking for the best Italian restaurant. The Italian delicacies have a few certain characteristics. The authentic Italian food should be seasonal. All the dishes shouldn’t be covered with cheese and sauce. Moreover, it’s not just limited to Pasta. Italian foods change with the season and highlight the best quality ingredients. You will see the use of fresh veggies. A bowl full of pasta drowned in the sauce is not authentic Italian cuisine.

If you see an Italian restaurant Subiaco serving this kind of food then try to avoid the restaurant. Because that is definitely not a true Italian restaurant. In contrast, at Prego, you will find the best Italian cuisines. Our Italian delicacies are cooked with seasonal flavours. Now it’s your time to choose wisely.

Ending Note

These are the factors that you should consider while choosing an Italian restaurant. However, if you have read the blog till now, you already know Prego is the best fine dining Italian restaurant Perth. Book your table today and visit us for having the taste of authentic Italian cuisines.

Also, you can check our previous blogs and find the best fine dining restaurants in Perth.

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An Introduction to Italian Cuisine & Italian Restaurant Perth





An Introduction to Italian Cuisine & Italian Restaurant Perth

Wheat products are the primary constituent of Italian cuisine. It is an obvious fact that Italian restaurants in Perth serve such cuisine. The food comes as pasta and bread, combined with cheese, meat, fish, and fresh vegetables. The preservation of natural quality, appearance, and taste are necessary for Italian dishes.

 Italian restaurant Perth

Italian Cuisine & Italian Restaurant Perth

To enjoy the best Italian cuisine, search for an Italian restaurant Perth near me. You will find Prego on the top of the search list. They will provide you with some exotic cuisine for your taste buds.

The Art of Italian Cooking

You can visit the best Italian restaurant in Perth to try Italian food. Such food has a rich taste. Its textural ingredients are bold and satisfying. They are also light and packed with flavour.

Ever thought about what Italian cuisine consists of? They are so much more than pasta, pizza, and big plates of meatballs.

The Art of Italian Cooking

After visiting an Italian restaurant in Perth, you will see that the food consists of :

Olive Oil


Dried Porcinis


Italian immigrants found it hard to have access to their trusty ingredients. It started with more sausages and other meats in their dishes. Eventually, they start putting in a healthy dose of garlic to improve the flavour. This led to the introduction of Italian-American food.
Yet, such cuisines can never replace the wonders of an Italian restaurant Perth CBD!

How authentic are Italian cuisines in an Italian restaurant in Perth?

Preparing Italian cuisine is an absolute joy! Nutrition comes as a second thought when you visit an Italian restaurant Perth.

A typical Italian meal consists of a large plate of antipasti. This is a traditional first-course item. It is then followed by a light course of pasta and sauce.
The main dish in Italian cuisine consists of protein dishes like:




Vegetables usually accompany this.Antipasti can sometimes be more intriguing than the main course. This is because it usually consists of a variety of fresh and cured foods.
A traditional antipasto meal consists of:

  1. various cured meats,
  2. pepperoncini,
  3. olives,
  4. anchovies,
  5. mushrooms,
  6. artichoke hearts,
  7.  vegetables in oil or vinegar.

It is often accompanied by cheese, olive oil, and bread.

Variety of ingredients is the key to a successful Italian restaurant Perth 2021

Various Italian restaurant Perth includes a seafood platter with:

The famous antipasti salad consists of a mixture of:

Onion and garlic are the essential ingredients in any Italian cuisine. The use of green and vibrant coloured vegetables as a feature dish looks excellent too!
When it comes to the cornerstone of Italian cuisine, the usage of Olive oil is on almost everything. This is the perfect ingredient to braise, fry, and preserve the food.
Balsamic vinegar is another primer stable in Italian cuisines. It is an essential ingredient for dressing salads. It is best for dipping fresh bread into olive oil as a part of the antipasto dish.
Any decent Italian restaurant Perth will always consist of Parmigiano-Reggiano or Grana Padano. These are usually at an arms’ reach while cooking.
Various other soft and hard cheeses are also used to make the cuisines more delicious!
Fish is another staple in traditional Italian restaurant Perth CBD. The fishes can be fresh from the sea. It can also be canned in oil like tuna or sardines.

Preserving the food in an Italian way

Italian restaurant Perth is excellent for:

Italian restaurants Perth 2021 believe that the deliciousness of food needs to intact. If you take the time to make the food, this can be achieved without any hassle.
The preservation of food flavours is done in such a way that it goes a long way!
Starches make the sauces wonderful! This is the only ingredient used when it comes to preserving the sauces.
Starch is the primary preservative for:

It helps to carry the flavours of Italy to the palate.
Italian restaurants Perth makes their dishes based upon traditional products. All the ingredients used are fresh.
Italian cuisines seem to have a reverse crescendo. This means that each dish becomes simpler as the meal progresses.
Using high-quality ingredients is a must when making Italian dishes.

What are the characteristics of the best Italian restaurant Perth?

Things to consider while visiting the Italian restaurant Perth:

What are the characteristics of the best Italian restaurant Perth

  1. Great food

The primary characteristic of an Italian restaurant Perth CBD is they serve great food! The food is of huge quantity. So make sure that you have your hunger intact!

  1. Calm ambience

There is no rush while visiting the best Italian restaurant Perth 2021. The main rule of these restaurants is to relax while eating!
Henceforth, you will find a good ambience in these restaurants always.
Once you step inside, the atmosphere will make you feel relaxed and calm!

  1. Top-notch food quality

The best Italian restaurant Perth 2021 serves fresh food of unrivalled quality.
These restaurants are proud to present their best food. The preparation of dishes is from freshly brought ingredients.
You would never get anything from the freezer in these restaurants.
Italian cuisine will make you feel the flavours exploding in your mouth!


At Prego, we offer the best Italian cuisine service second to none.
Our address is 440 Cambridge St, Floreat WA 6014. Do give us a visit if you want to have the best Italian restaurant Perth experience. Make sure that you try all the exotic dishes we have in store for you!

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Which Italian restaurant Scarborough you should definitely visit?

Italian restaurant Scarborough selection can be a tricky thing to do. You might have had a long day and cooking is the last thing you want to do. You might be craving some delicious Italian food. Well, here’s good news for you! If you are living in Perth then you have an array of Italian restaurants to choose from. However, deciding which one is the best can be confusing. That’s why we are here to make it easier for you. In this post, we are going to mention the best Scarborough restaurants.

So, check out our recommendations and enjoy the best Italian cuisines in the city.


 Italian restaurant Scarborough you should definitely visit

Italian restaurant Scarborough you should definitely visit

Prego Restaurant

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 12 pm- 12 am, Saturday 5.30 pm- 12 am

Prego is definitely the place to have a taste of authentic Italian cuisine and wines. You cannot miss out on a visit to Prego, considering you want to experience fine Italian dining. Pasta, risotto, gnocchi, seafood or meat, you will get everything here. If you are an Italian food lover then Prego Restaurant is the paradise for you. Both the food and the ambience will bring out the Italian touch. Moreover, you can try our authentic Italian desserts too. Prego is one of the best Italian restaurant ScarboroughEnjoy fascinating Italian delicacies in a graceful surrounding at Prego.

Which Italian restaurant Scarborough you should definitely visit

Prego Restaurant

Visit our website to book your table prior. Also, you can give us a call and opt for takeaways. Check out our different menus from our website. Choose your favourite Italian cuisine and order today.


Opening hours: Wednesday -Thursday 5 pm-8:30 pm, Friday-Saturday 5 pm-9 pm, Sunday 5 pm-8:30 pm

Located in Maylands, Western Australia Rossonero is one of the best Italian restaurants. If you are planning to start the night out in a great way, this place is a must-visit. For one thing, this place specialises in serving wood-fired pizza. However, you won’t find any traditional toppings. You will find the Brussel Crowe loaded with brussels sprouts. You will also find the Charlton Pesto topped with a strong flavour of pesto sauce. Furthermore, Rossonero is open for BYO. So, you can go really crazy while mixing your booze!

Dilly Dally

Opening hours: Tuesday 5 pm-10 pm, Wednesday-Saturday 11:30 am-10 pm

This Italian restaurant Scarborough qld is cosy and caring. Their menu consists of a long list of pizza and pasta dishes. Their menu will definitely leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. They have an extensive wine menu as well. They will want you to stick around after your meal. And that is quite easy to do with their wine menu. Thus, if you want to have a cosy dinner with good food and wine, you know now where to go.

La Sosta

Opening hours: Wednesday-Thursday 5 pm-10 pm, Friday-Sunday 11:45 am-10 pm

Which Italian restaurant Scarborough you should definitely visit

At this restaurant, passion meets the traditional tastes of Italy. For having a quality dining time with your family, a visit to La Sosta is a must. Here, you will find a vast menu of Italian dishes. From an enormous T-bone steak to grilled seafood platters, La Sosta will compel you to come back again. If you are craving for some Italian cuisine, visit these Scarborough restaurants.

Spritz Spizzicheria

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12 pm-9:30 pm

This restaurant has a specialisation in sharing plates. They make sharing snacks and drinks with mates greater than ever. The best part is there are larger mains as well. However, those can be easily shared with others. In that way, you are never going to miss out on anything from the menu. So, this time don’t let your friends cancel the hangout plan. This Italian restaurant Scarborough qld is the best place to spend some quality time. Table booking is necessary before you visit this place. They have an online booking platform as well. As a result, visiting this place should be no trouble for you and your friends.

Alfred’s Pizzeria

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 4 pm-12 am

Have you visited Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney? This is quite similar to that. This place will give you an amazing rock ‘n’ roll vibe. On the descent downstairs the underground location will greet you with neon lights. Here, pizza is the Italian cuisine of choice. Because it is easy to eat while chatting and drinking with mates. Certainly, Alfred’s Pizzeria is one of the best bars in Perth. So, consider this place for your next night out plan.


Opening hours: Tuesday -Thursday 5:30 pm-10 pm, Friday-Saturday 12 pm-2:30 pm, 5:30 pm-11 pm, Sunday 12 pm-2:30 pm, 5 pm-9 pm

If you are in search of a cool and stylish Italian restaurant Scarborough then here is the answer! Automatic is a casual Italian restaurant with suave. You can have both quick bites and full course meals. They use fresh produce and the best ingredients. They make some of the best meals and cocktails in the town. It is really a popular place to be. So, either show up early or book your table prior! Or else you might not have the chance to dine in and taste some delicious Italian delicacies.

Three Coins

Opening hours: Tuesday- Thursday 5 pm- 9 pm, Friday and Saturday 5 pm- 9.30 pm, Sunday 5 pm- 9 pm

This is one of the interesting Scarborough restaurants to visit. This is a family-run Italian restaurant. The Trequattrini family runs this restaurant. Ironically, the name of the family means “Three Coins” as well. The chefs of this restaurant are from Italy. This is one of the most authentic Italian dining places in the city. The red-checkered tablecloths and the rustic regional cuisine create a perfect ambience. It will give you an exceptional Italian dining experience. They serve dishes like polenta crusted squid and handmade pappardelle. Also, you must try their slow-cooked wagyu neck ragu. Wash down the servings with the Italian drops: chosen exclusively from the wine list.

No mafia

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 4pm-10pm, Friday-Saturday 12pm-10pm

No mafia is an Italian restaurant Scarborough. They serve some simple yet delicious Italian cuisine. They have taken inspiration from Southern Italy for many of their dishes. Moreover, the wine list will make you really happy! That makes them one of the best wine bars in Perth. In this restaurant, drinks are a core factor of attraction. They have an excellently curated wine menu. It features top-shelf Italian drops. Enjoy your food with soothing lo-fi music and low fuss imported wines.

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 5 pm-9:30 pm, Friday -Saturday 5 pm-10:30 pm

As the name suggests, this is one of the best spaghetti Scarborough restaurants. At Francoforte Spaghetti Bar, the menu keeps on changing. They serve authentic seasonal cuisines. The Italian cuisines require keeping up with the seasonal ingredients. Francoforte Spaghetti Bar does that like no other. They have an open plan kitchen and dining area. It creates a warm as well as a cosy atmosphere for the diners. They do not have any table booking system. So, make sure you reach early. However, if you are waiting for a table, enjoy their wine and antipasti.

Visit Italian restaurant Scarborough and explore the mouth-watering Italian delicacies. However, Prego offers Italian cuisines in a fine dining setting. So, visit Prego for an exceptional dining experience.

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Italian Food Fine Dining in Perth: Best Dishes for You

Italian Food Fine Dining in Perth: Best Dishes for You

It is time for you to get inspired by the best Italian food fine dining in Perth. You will absolutely love these dishes. Right from the light and creamy spinach and ricotta gnudi to osso buco with citrus gremolata, we will discuss each of the best cheap Italian Perth dishes.

1.Mushroom-Sausage Ragù

Sauteed mushroom is one of the best cheap Italian Perth dishes which you can enjoy within a budget. This dish is almost so inexpensive that you can have it red wine! And the wonders, oh! Once you try this combo you are likely to have it at every dinner.


2.     Sun-Dried Tomato and Arugula Pizza

Italian food fine dining in Perth

Sun-Dried Tomato and Arugula Pizza

Don’t tell this to anyone, but this is the only secret to a crispy pizza when you are out for trying the best Italian restaurant Perth near me! The dough should be allowed a lot of time to rise so that it’s stretchable and also thin.




3.     Free-Form Sausage-and-Three-Cheese Lasagna

This style of lasagna is called free-form. This is because it is one of the best pasta in Perth that can be arranged in a variety of ways. You can fold it over and fill it instead of traditionally forming a layer above it.


4.     Tuscan Tomato Bread Soup with Steamed Mussels

You would find many version of bread soup when you visit an Italian restaurant Perth city. Based on the traditional bread soup, this dish has a thicker bread pudding. The soup is great but the real attraction is with the steam mussels with their broth.

Italian food fine dining in Perth


5.     Grilled Fish with Artichoke Caponata

Italian food fine dining in Perth

Grilled Fish with Artichoke Caponata

To get going with a meaty mahimahi, a vinegary caponata (a Sicilian relish) with fresh artichoke hearts would serve as an excellent meal for your Italian food fine dining in Perth hunt. This dish doesn’t contain traditional eggplant and tomatoes. With finely trimmed artichokes, this dish proves to be a wonder at any of the best Italian restaurant Perth 2021. Trimming artichokes is also a time-consuming process, so make sure that you ample time before ordering this food.


6.     Beef Brasato with Pappardelle and Mint

Italian food fine dining in Perth

Beef Brasato with Pappardelle and Mint

Beef brasato is made by braising the beef skank and oxtail in red wine. This dish should be served with house-made mint pappardelle. The easier version of this dish is to use the beef skank only if you are attempting to make it in your home. You can also get fresh pappardelle from any store which can easily replace the homemade one.


7.     Risotto with Capers and Espresso

Italian food fine dining in Perth

Risotto with Capers and Espressoe

The secret trick to make the PERFECT risotto is to stir it in a little reserved hot stock at the end. This ensures that the rice doesn’t become too gummy. This dish can only be found at some of the best Italian restaurant in Perth. It is made by infusing the stock with espresso beans then garnishing the risotto with pungent capers. The dish is then sprinkled with ground espresso beans to bring out the exotic coffee flavour. You might feel a little bit of graininess if you are trying this dish out for the first time!


8.     Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi with Tomato-Butter Sauce

Italian food fine dining in Perth

Spinach and Ricotta Gnudi with Tomato-Butter Sauce

You must have heard about Chef Tommy Habetz who is an expert in making gnudi. He describes this dish as “ravioli filling without the pasta.” Gnudi is originated from Tuscan. A fresh Tuscan white wine would pose as a perfect pair for this recipe.


9.     Swordfish Sicilian-Style

Italian food fine dining in Perth

Swordfish Sicilian-Style

Grilled swordfish is an exotic dish found at the Italian restaurants in Perth City. With a touch of lemon, you can make this dish quite healthy and quickly for your dinner!


10.Gorgonzola, Fig and Pancetta Pizza

Gorgonzola, Fig and Pancetta Pizza

Gorgonzola, Fig and Pancetta Pizza

This is a sweet and salty pizza, something quite different when it comes to your food hunt for the best Italian food fine dining in Perth. It is topped with salty pancetta, gorgonzola, and juicy fresh figs, making this an exotic dish for the Italian restaurants Perth 2021.



Sauce and Toppings

Wrapping it Up!

So, here we have discussed the best dishes you can find while looking for Italian food fine dining in Perth. If you have any queries, let us know and we will clear them off within moments!

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Take away menu restaurant in Perth: open now

8 Best Dining restaurants in Perth you must visit

Best dining restaurants in Perth, how can you decide which one is the best dining restaurant in Perth? There are numerous dining restaurants around you,  If we talk about fine dining, let’s just agree it’s not for everyone. Handling the cloth napkins, different cutlery, and pronouncing ‘sommelier’ correctly is not everyone’s cup of tea. There is a reason it’s called fine dining- because it is fine indeed!

A full course meal crafted by an expert chef is something we should definitely try at least once in our life.  Fine dining restaurants in Perth offer an amazing food menu. You can enjoy it without the stuffy traditional fine dining atmosphere.

The capital of Western Australia, Perth, is surrounded by an amazing bounty of fresh produce. The vibrant dining experience matches the surroundings. In this post, we will give you a sneak-peek of the best fine dining restaurants Perth. Take a step towards the best dining spots in the city. Have an exclusive experience of dining and drinking.

8 Best Dining restaurants in Perth you must visit

8 best dining restaurants in Perth

Here are the 8 best dining restaurants in Perth that you must visit. You might be a resident of Perth or a tourist but these good food restaurants in Perth will just blow your mind.

  1. 1907

1907 is one of the hidden gems when you talk about the best fine dining in Perth. You will find this restaurant located at the heart of Perth’s CBD. It is located in an old rag factory that is over 100 years old. All the award-winning fine dining restaurants Perth have an atmospheric setting. You can try their Chef’s seasonal degustation menus. Their chef skillfully creates the best cuisines. Some of them are barramundi, clams, shitake, and XO broth with the perfect pairing of wine.

  1. Opus Restaurant

Are you looking for a perfect combination of French cuisine and Australian flavor? Then Opus Restaurant is one of the most perfect fine dining restaurants Perth that you can think of. They offer different dining options. Opus has a la carte menu and a degustation menu as well. You can try their seared quail breast with tamarillos and spinach. Opus has an amazing collection of French and Australian wines that will be a perfect match for your foods. The restaurant Is low lit and the fine dining tables are covered with white table cloths. Experience best fine dining Perth at Opus.

  1. Prego Restaurant

Prego Restaurant is already famous for being the best dining restaurants Perth. Prego has the best collection of authentic Italian cuisine. So, you don’t have to visit Italy to enjoy the Italian delicacies, you can just visit Prego instead. Prego has a set menu, Saturday set menu, a la carte menu, and a degustation menu. You will find Prego located at 440 Cambridge Street, Floreat Perth. If you are visiting Prego then their degustation menu is a must-try. They have an exotic collection of wines that are perfect for complementing your Italian food. Visit Prego and bring out the experience of the best fine dining Perth.

  1. Co-Op Dining

Co-Op Dining is the best place for you if you wish to try a regional degustation menu. This restaurant is near east Perth and they are one of the good food restaurants in Perth. The team of Co-Op dining is bringing out the best fine dining Perth. You can choose from their tasting menu. Their specialty food items are Berkshire pork belly, 21 days dry-aged Dorper mutton, and Manjimup marron with creme fraiche. Above all, they bring all their ingredients from Western Australian farms that are sustainable and organic. So everything you get on your plate is ensured to be of high quality.

  1. Juniper & Bay

 Juniper & Bay is just near the Windsor Lodge Hotel in Como. They are known for offering Eurasian best fine dining Perth. The co-owners of the restaurant Soren and Sabine have created an intimidating fine dining restaurant in Perth. You need to spend just $73 for a 5-course meal which is one of the most affordable degustation menu offers. This is one of the fine dining restaurants Perth where you can come more often.

  1. Red cabbage

Red cabbage is located in South Perth. Their featuring seasonal cooked flavours make them the best dining restaurant Perth South. They cook their seasonal flavours with British and Australian flare. You have to check out their degustation menu or a la carte menu. The food that will be served on your plate will definitely be the best-looking and mouth-watering food. If you are looking for the best fine dining Perth, then this is no doubt one of the best options for you.

  1. Nine Fine Food

Are you looking for the best dining restaurant Perth with a more casual atmosphere? Then Nine Fine Food will bring out the best dining experience for you. It is located near Highgate, Perth. By all means, this restaurant is heaven for the people who are looking for a fine dining restaurant in Perth. Their specialty is their classical Japanese cuisine. The Japanese cuisines are twisted with the taste of Australian delicacies. If you visit them, you must try the specialty cuisines by their chefs. there is no doubt Nine Fine Food is the best place to relax and have the best fine dining experience.

  1. P’tite Ardoise

P’tite Ardoise is one of the fine dining restaurantsPerth. They are located in Highgate. Significantly, this restaurant serves the most amazing French food. Their gourmet French cuisine and wine will blow your mind. Get the dishes like filet de boeuf flambé au cognac, poisson blanc poche and so on. Don’t wait up and visit them for fine dining restaurants Perth.

Ending Note:

We have jotted down all the fine dining restaurants Perth in this post. If you want to visit the best dining restaurant in Perth then Prego Restaurant is the only option for you. To know more about fine dining restaurants in Perth, have a look at our previous post.


Fine dining restaurants in Perth

10 Authentic wine restaurants in Perth you didn’t know about




Dine-in Perth restaurants now open after Pandemic

As of today, various restaurants for dine-in Perth restrict indoor gatherings. The effective opening of these restaurants is taking place.

The recent pandemic of 2020 caused a lot of panic amongst various business owners located in Perth. Yet, with the recently lowered rates of the disease, the businesses are able to open up yet.

We are going to mention some of the restaurants that are going to open up. Also be mentioning some of them who are available for booking a slot for lunch or dinner with your friends and family.

Best Restaurants for a marvelous dine-in Perth


Prego is one of the fine dine-in Perth restaurants offering a variety of delicacies to satisfy your tastebuds. Over the past years, this restaurant has earned quite a name for themselves, offering multiple cuisines according to the need of their customers. Right from Antipasto to Gnocchi, they have successfully created some of the best Italian dishes in this city.

Dine-in Perth Restaurants now open after Pandemic

2.Alabama Song

Secondly, Alabama Song is a popular rock’n’roll bar that is ready for reopening after the pandemic. They are open only on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 P.M to 10 P.M. There is no need for booking and table service is available without any issues. With their varsity in wings, burgers, fried chicken, and beers, this restaurant is one of the best places to dine in PerthYou will find this restaurant located at 232 William St, Northbridge. So, if you are looking for the best rock’n’roll bar in town, this is the best time to visit Alabama Song.


Balthazar is another well-known dine-in Perth restaurant. It will open from Monday to Friday from 12 to 5 P.M. They have a $65 lunch buffet which includes 2 courses in the menu and an $85 buffet consisting of a 3 set menu. For More, the restaurant also opens from Monday to Saturday at 6 P.M or 8:30 P.M for their unique dinner 3-course menu. You will need to book a table prior visit. Head to their website now and book your table for a great dinner.

4. Benny’s

Benny’s is still rocking their takeaway and delivery options. As the pandemic cases are getting lowered worldwide, this restaurant is available for dine-in from 7:30 A.M.  A very limited space is available. So we recommend that you should book your place through their website.

Dine-in Perth Restaurants now open after Pandemic

5. The Bayswater Hotel

The Bayswater Hotel is one of the best restaurants for dine-in Perth, with of course a huge menu featuring various chicken schnitzels. Seating at this restaurant is also limited so you can always place a call at their business and book yourself a seat. You will find this restaurant located at 78-80 Railway Parade, Bayswater.

6. The Bellevue Darling Range Hotel

The Bellevue Darling Range Hotel is a casual dining Perth restaurant. They are open from 11:30 A.M. Therefore, Group bookings are available between 11:30 A.M and 3 P.M. They are still doing Burger and Pizza takeaways from 4:30 P.M. As they even maintain all the necessary protocols for the pandemic. This restaurant is located at 49 Great Eastern Hwy, South Guildford.

7. Besk

Besk is one of the best dine-in Perth restaurants, offering takeaway meals to tuck in your home. But, the good news is that they are ready for dine-in. Their timings would be from Thursday to Saturday between 4 PM and 10 PM. They would also be open on Sundays from 1 PM to 8 PM. The timing for each sitting is 1.5 hours for every party. Visit their website and book your table today. They are located at 264 Railway Parade, West Leederville. Don’t wait up and visit today.

8. Bib & Tucker

It has been quite some time since Bib & Tucker didn’t open till the lockdown in Perth. Yet, with the lightning up of things, this restaurant would be open for lunch and dinner on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays too! You are free to choose from either their 3-course or 4-course menus with two sittings available at lunch and dinner.

9. Blasta Brewing Co.

Blasta Brewing Co. is one of the best places to dine in Perth where you can get some of the finest beers of the country. They are now open for business from 8:30 AM every day operating on a strict 2-hour time slot. Table booking occurs through their online booking tool.If you want to stay a little longer than the allotted time slot then chooses the 7 PM slot! You have waited long, now go and visit them.

Dine-in Perth Restaurants now open after Pandemic

10. BWG Steakhouse

If you want to try out the town’s best steak then BWG is the place you would want to be. This place offers rocking takeaway offers along with exclusive private dining experiences for groups of 10 to 20 people. You can book your own private slot for your get-together party.

11. The Bird

The Bird is yet again open for dine-in Perth with its interim menu. They are adjusting to the new rules post-pandemic. The Bird allows a 90-minute time limit for individuals and groups alike.

12. Clancy’s Fish Pub Canning Bridge

While all the subsidiaries of Clancy’s fish pub are open for business, the Canning Bridge joint is still striving to open up. Well, worry not, they have been able to open up their business with a variety of menus. This consists of a $45 set menu running 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Fridays and 11.30 am, 1.30 pm, 5.30 pm, and 7.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

13. Core Cider House

If you want to enjoy some of the lushful scenic views of Eastern Perth, then this is the perfect place for dine-in Perth. The House is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with the time allotment being 11 AM to 3 PM. Bookings occur across two sittings from 11 and 12.45 pm with a 1.5-hour limit. Their special takeaway menu is also available from the opening hours itself.

Dine-in Perth

14. The Court Hotel

If you are trying to find the perfect place to have dine-in Perth then the Court will be re-opening their services pretty soon! Booking is mandatory for every person but the time span offered would have a most of 2.5 hours to enjoy its vibes.

15. The Flour Factory

The final restaurant on our list for dine-in Perth is the Flour Factory. It has a distinctive menu including Skull Island Prawns, charcuterie, and more. Additionally, You can also book a place for yourself in this place to receive complimentary champagne or beer upon your arrival. Also, if you are looking to book places for 15-20 people, then this is the place you would want to visit this place!

Wrapping up our dine-in Perth blog!

Finally,  here we are going to end our article which mentions some of the best restaurants for casual dining Perth. We hope so our related post was informative for you so that you can go and have a nice time at some of the best restaurants for dine-in Perth.

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Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth

Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth

Italian cuisine comprises exceptional cooking techniques, Prego –The fine dining set menu in Perth will enable the cozy environment and dig into the fine dining set menu. The ingredients are olives, wheat, tomatoes, and wine. Feel the heavenly bliss aroma of our food.

Prego brings the soul of Italian cooking to Perth. Italy is a land of fashion, style, culture, and Mediterranean cuisine. To maintain the proper balance of Italian food expert cooking techniques are essential. Not only that fresh seasonal herbs and ingredients are also required, most of the recipes taken from old Italian food practices.

Prego focuses on serving mouth-watering cuisine. Every single menu in the Prego restaurant is unique. It will give you a compelling experience. Prego signifies with confidence that they serve quality dishes on the plate.

Ala carte dishes

The term Ala-carte is the French word that cites individual ordering. Prego a plethora of ala-carte dishes. Experience every time taste on your platter. Although; You will enjoy your dine-in Perth with all varieties of delicious dishes.

The Ala carte menu includes:

·          Starter

The starters before a meal used to surge the hunger. It is also represented as Appetizers. Italian Sausage and Olives, Tossed and roasted capsicum or dried tomatoes, olives, Oregano.

·         Entree

The entree is also labeled as the main dish. Charm your mind with the best entree’s ever in Italy. Prego encounters you with the mesmerizing experience of dine-in Perth. Items like; Fried tiger prawns with chili and garlic, Egg Plant stuffed with goat cheese

The fine dining set menu in Perth

·          Mains

In Prego, you experience delight with a fine dining set menu. We cater for you good food with the soft touch of our hospitality.

The mains include Duck baked-on firewood, Red wine, Baked potatoes, and beef fillets, etc.


Relish your meal end with the finger-licking desserts at Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth. Choose your options according to your mood. It includes ice cream with vanilla beans, fruit salad, sorbet, tiramisu, chocolate fondant.

Takeaway dishes

Although, Prego serves the best takeaway dishes in Perth. Proper hygiene maintained to cook. Both Veg and Non-veg items are delish. You would experience the burst of Italian flavors in every morsel.

Our expert chefs have designed the fine dine-in set menu according to your taste.Prego offers tasteful takeaway dishes like sauteed prawns and chicken, homemade pasta, meatballs.

You can also choose desserts as a takeaway meal. Relish your food with comfort at home with your family or mates. Prego guarantees the ultimate relaxation after your hectic day schedule.

Order online to get the best flavors.

Enjoy wine and beer

 To complete the authentic dine-in and take away wine and beer is the best option. Prego keeps up the culinary culture in Perth by upkeeping the best flavors.

Our expert chefs have chosen dishes that will give you a mesmerizing experience.  Food is not complete at all without beer or wine. Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth will make you experience twist. Every platter is soothing to look at and flavourful to eat.

There is a wide stock range of wine and beer in Prego. It includes champagne, cider, wine both full and half bottle. The wines are from the selectable wine cellars selling from generations. Prego makes you enjoy its fine dining set menu in Perth with every sip of its exclusive wine and beer.

Enjoy Saturday set menu at Prego-Fine dine in Perth

Taste the finger-licking menu in Perth. Perth is the destination of music, tradition, and loving culture. Every single menu gives you the divine taste of the produce of organic fields and farming. Everyone will get to enjoy the fabulous dining and breakfast contents at Prego, The fine dining set menu in Perth.

Saturday is the first day of your weekend. Enjoy your Saturday with the best food and drinks. Prego-fine dines in Perth has its fabulous Saturday set menu.

The set menu is the menu that has certain options to choose from it. It has a fixed price for all the items.

Above all, there are several courses with Starter, Entree, and Dessert at last. Items like beef fillet, baked mushrooms, crispy duck are mouth-watering. Desserts like chocolate tart, pannacotta is good to have

Awards and Accolades

Prego The fine dining set menu in Perth makes you savor all the signature dishes by the best expert chefs. It gives you a comfortable environment with cozy hospitality.

It thrills the mouth of everyone who comes there.There are several awards and accolades received by Prego from Savour in the years 2010 and 2015.

Not only this there is an ample number of reviews shared in journals like Sunday Times and Perth Now.

 Private venue for the function in Perth

 Not only suckle Italian cuisine. Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth gives you a good experience of dine-in Perth. If you are not finding any suitable place for your family occasion or friends party or get together,

leave it on Prego.  Prego will arrange for an unforgettable lunch or dinner party by keeping in mind all the orders. With a max booking of up to eighty people,  Prego will give you a stunning experience.

Being one of the famous restaurants in Perth, Prego charts out all the customer’s menus. All the menus are from expert chefs. They have planned according to customers taste, not only, but food hypersensitivity is also one of the dangerous things one encounters.

Prego looks after the sensitive issues faced by our customers. Your taste preference is our concern. Our clean ambience will give you a blissful experience. We guarantee that you would never forget it.

Our team will give you the cozy touch of Italian ambience. Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth will tune you up with all the traditional food and culture of Italy in Perth.

It guaranteed that you would come back again again. Prego is there to welcome you with its open hands and serve you with the best it has.

Precaution for Covid-19 Outbreak

Covid-19 Outbreak has created a disturbance in our daily lives. But, there is no need to worry about it. Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth only has a takeaway menu. By maintaining proper hygiene we are operational now.

Book a table

Book a table to experience the heavenly hospitality and food in Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth. Enjoy the aromas of Italian cuisine in a homely atmosphere. There are several offers for our customers who visit us.

For all the dedicated customers’ gift vouchers are available. It eases their buy.

Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth has originated its fine dining set menu to feast your appetite with the best delight!

Fine Dining Set Menu Italian Restaurant at Perth

At Prego Dine-in Perth, their fine dining set menu consists of their best dishes!

Italian food is all about delectable dishes. Savor every bit of your meal and create memories at Prego, fine dining Perth. Prego is estimating for its eccentric décor, hospitality, and delish food. Their menu reflects their expertise. There are four types of the menu at Prego. Among them, there are two set menus.

A fine, dine-in set menu, also known as table d’hôte is a menu that has a limited number of dish options given at a fixed price. This consists of entrée, main course, and desserts. There is also a separate set menu for Saturdays.

Why Set Menu

At Prego, we preach the customer satisfaction mantra. While the a-la-carte menu is still a choice, the fine dining set menu has its charm. Set menus often make it easier for customers to order a meal that is well balanced. The fine dining set menu helps in this regard. We designed our fine dining set menu by taking into consideration certain aspects.

Fine Dining Set Menu Italian Restaurant at Perth


Fine Dining Set Menu History

Set menu dates back to the year 1951 when the origin of table d’hôte took place. The phase after World War II deteriorated the lifestyle of rural people. They had no food and resources in villages. There were a scarcity of jobs and people moved to the city. The rural area of France started collapsing. Emile Aubert, a senator planned to create a pilot project and thus set menu came into being.

During those times rich people used to visit the empty countryside for leisure. The villages were the getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. To preserve the rural area, the ministry of tourism rebuilt the country houses. The pilot project was the source of their idea. Those were lodges, beautifully decorated. They also had a menu that had limited choices and a fixed rate. The idea of table d’hôte had a link with countryside tourism. Though it was a term used with a different perspective, with time it emerged into cities. The current fine dining set menu uses this basic concept.

Prego, Fine Dining Set Menu Italian Restaurant

Apart from the fine dining set menu, Prego also has an a-la-carte menu and degustation menu. You can always order as per your preference. We also have takeaway services. Book your table for the next visit and leave a review here. Bon Appétit!

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Fine Dine-in Perth Tradition and Culinary Expertise

Art on a Plate

A land of rich culture, heritage, and art, Italy is all about exquisite and refined taste. Italian food represents a large part of this excellent palate. Prego, the fine dine-in Perth offers a wide range of Italian food.  Each bite of the dishes prepared by the skilled chefs; here holds the essence of Italian artistry. Among the various dishes, Prego has its specialty too. Their house-made Tortellini has received applause. This dish, like any other, has a history of origin that dates back to 1570.


Tortellini or Belly Button

Tortellini is a kind of pasta; one of the most famous items from the Italian cuisine catalog. As the saying goes, Tortellini originated in the Emilia region of Italy. There is a legend related to the birth of this exquisite pasta. The Goddess of Love, Venus visited a tavern in the locality of Castelfranco Emilia. It is a small town situated between Modena and Bologna.

The keeper at the tavern was a malicious person, who had a habit of peeking through keyholes. A glimpse of the Goddess Venus’s belly amazed him. So, he went back to his kitchen and tried replicating the visual through a rolled-out egg pasta sheet. Tortellini, as a result, resembles the shape of a belly button.

Traditional Dish

Tortellini is still celebrated in the Castelfranco Emilia region by the natives. They dress up, go for parades and play enactments on a specific day.  Tortellini holds an emotional value for the natives. It preserves the long-gone history. Generations after generations, mark the day of the invention of this unique shaped pasta.

Pasta has been the staple food of many households for centuries. It holds a special value, in Italian people’s lives. Families have always passed this skill from time to time and it still survives. Men, women, kids – irrespective of gender and age have participated in the activity of making pasta. The tradition speaks of unity, bonding, and togetherness.

Serving History at Dine-in Perth

Tortellini, or the belly button as they call it had various ways of preparation. Some prepared it stuffed with ricotta cheese. Other families wanted to make it a fulfilling dish. So, the stuffing ranged from beef or a combination of both. A dish of carouse, tortellini was enjoyed during festivities like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Prego, the Dine-in Perth makes in-house Tortellini. Their skilled chefs have learned from authentic sources. Prepared with care, the Tortellini comes filled with Lebanese zucchini and tiger prawns. Furthermore, it has on its side char-grilled Moreton bay bugs, a scrumptious meal.

En Conclusion

Tortellini holds a special place on the menu of Prego dine-in Perth. Their other dishes are delish as well. The Mediterranean salad and Tiramisu once ordered will make you crave more. A variety of mouth-watering delicacies, the best of chefs- food from Prego is sure to fill your soul with joy.

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 The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Perth

Prego Restaurant

Satiate your craving for Italian food at the Prego, The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Perth . The ambiance at Prego designed for utmost comfort and relaxation will make you feel at ease. Prego combines the best customer service, hospitality, and unmatched quality of authentic food.

Best of Taste

Food not only satiates hunger, but it also refreshes the body, soothes the mind, and brings joy to the soul. At Prego restaurant in Perth, they take care of every attention to detail. The genuine source of ingredients pleases your appetite and gives joy to your taste buds. Each bite of their flavorsome dishes reflects the choice of fresh elements.

the best fine dinning restaurant in Perth

Enlighten your Memorable Days at the best fine Dining Restaurant at Perth

Make your memories count at Prego dine-in in Perth. Prego restaurant offers services for birthdays, family meet-ups, office celebrations, and the like. They have the best of skills to make your next event an unforgettable one. Prego also has a dedicated function venue that can host up to 80 people. They also have a devoted team to assist you with all your planning needs. They will have your preferences listed along with special needs for dietary conditions. Prego restaurant is flexible as customer satisfaction tops the list.

Original is Trend at Prego fine dine-in Perth

Italian cuisine is all about its indigenous spices and their proper blends. Prego restaurant chefs work with the finest of spices. The authentic spices reflect the best of Italian cuisine. A food connoisseur understands the difference in ingredients. Their sumptuous meals come with an aroma that is sure to escalate your hunger to another level. One of the best Italian dine-in restaurants in Perth, Prego maintains transparency.

Reserving the Service in dine-in Perth

Look no further if the best place for dinner, Perth is what you are searching for. They are well known for their Mediterranean salad, Tiramisu, and Lamb Shoulder. Prego will mesmerize you with their delectable meals. The ambiance will further amplify the joyous experience. It can be dinner, lunch, or some quick bite with your friends; Prego will make it the best meal of your day. You can call Prego and book a table.

Why Prego is among the Best Dining Restaurant at Perth

Well, there are ample reasons and these are only a few of them. Their attention to each of the factors such as décor, table setting, and the food makes them what they are. Their menu takes into consideration seasonal ingredients. The chefs at Prego cook the meals simmering the ingredients in the warmth of their expertise. Prego follows all the safety measures, one less thing for you to worry about. Savor every bit of your meal and create memories.

Prego, Best takeaway in Perth

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate, a mantra preached at Prego. You can use their takeaway service in case you want to enjoy their mouth-watering delicacies at home. They have pickups from Tuesday to Saturday, 4 to 8.30 PM. Their takeaway menu consists of their specials, mains, entrees, pasta, sides, and desserts.

Tasted and Tried by Many

Enjoy a perfect mixture of Italian traditional magic, culture, and class by visiting Prego. A Turkish proverb establishes “Life comes through food”. Let Prego, the dine-in Perth titillate your taste buds with their scrumptious delicacies.

Apart from Prego, there is various other best fine dining restaurant in Perth that you can visit. Before visiting these restaurants, ensure that you follow these points accordingly to choose the best ones from your list.

Things to consider before going to the best fine dining restaurant in Perth

1.Do your research

Before visiting any restaurant, you must properly do market research on how the restaurant performs in your concerned area. Try and comprehend the best Italian cuisines in these restaurants.As far as we know, Prego is the best fine dining restaurant in Perth and no other Italian restaurant can match its credentials.

2.Visit the restaurant which suits your budget

Since different restaurants require different capital investments, the budget should always be kept in mind before visiting the best fine dining restaurant in Perth. You must always keep a budget in mind before visiting any such restaurant. Of course, these restaurants have different menus and ways of presenting their food, so make sure that you choose appropriately.

3.How to price your dish?

This is a significant factor when you need to choose the best fine dining restaurant in Perth. You cannot match the price of fine dining with casual dining. Since the best fine dining restaurant in Perth comes with various gourmet ingredients you need a good amount of money to keep in hand!

4.Choose a restaurant that is preferable to your location in Perth

Perth is a large city. Choosing the best fine dining restaurant in Perth can be difficult! Visit the restaurant which is near to your location. If you are someone who has a hipster and a student-centric mentality you can go for a more quirky and youth-oriented establishment. But if you are someone who needs to dine out to have business meetings, you can go for a posh establishment.

What makes a fine dining restaurant?

1.Attention to small details

Creating the best fine dining restaurant in Perth atmosphere is all about the details. This goes beyond music, lighting, and art on the walls. Various fine dining restaurant even designs their own stoneware to match the aesthetic and food. Every tiny detail is meant to be tied together.

2.Exceptional servers

No matter which restaurant you visit, the servers need to be top-notch! The best fine dining restaurant in Perth will have servers who can explain the entire menu without any notes. Various servers have extensive knowledge of the bar menu, from the newest wines to some of the most exotic cocktails! Additionally; this is no place for beginners. In the career of a fine dining restaurant as a server, one can easily earn six figures without any hassle!

3.Reservations are usually required

No fine dining restaurant would have available spacing from before. You might need to book a seat for yourself before you can enjoy a delicate meal at the best fine dining restaurants in Perth.


So here we are going to end our blog on the best fine dining restaurant in Perth. If you feel like we have missed out on any points for the best restaurants, get in touch with us and we will answer you pretty soon!

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Prego Italian Restaurant has long been a destination choice for food lovers. Customers visit this special Italian Restaurant to taste some delectable Italian cuisine in the regions and leave the restaurant with great contentment. Our chef makes it a point to serve you the tastiest delicacies in the healthiest way. Count on us for a healthy & tasty treat and feel the indulgence!

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