10 Authentic wine restaurants in Perth you didn’t know about

When you are craving a glass of wine after a long week of hustle, you must visit an authentic wine restaurant in Perth. Wine is A glorious drink that we crave every once in a while. Certainly, you love to slurp the deliciousness of the wine with the meals you dream on most of the weekends. Definitely, before we plan on bathing in it on Saturday night.

There is nothing wrong with opening a bottle of wine with your best friend or wife while you sit on a cozy couch. It’s still kind of classic and nice to visit wine bars in Perth. Additionally, the dim lights and the sultriness ambiance of the wine bars will contribute to making your weekend much memorable. Believe it or not, Perth has many wine bars for all kinds of people. Anyone can visit a casual wine bar or get all dressed up and have fine wine dining.

Let’s take you on a tour of the best wine bars in Perth that you must visit.  Here we will mention 10 best wine bars in Perth that offer the best ambiance, food, and yes wine!

Top 10 Authentic wine restaurants in Perth

10 Authentic wine restaurants in Perth

  1. Prego Restaurant

Prego is an authentic wine restaurants in Perth and a destination for food lovers. Prego is located at 440 Cambridge Street, Floreat, Perth.  Prego offers authentic Italian food and wine. If you are in search of some local or exotic wine in Perth, then you must visit Prego. Their amazing wine list will definitely make your dinner date better. If you get confused, their staff will help you in choosing the perfect wine with your food.

  1. North Bird

North Bird is one of the wine bars in Perth. You will find it in the heart of Northbridge near William street. They are a bottle shop and wine bar. Certainly, you can expect high-quality and exotic wines from the local wine producers. They have an extensive list of funky natural drops. You may try them out or buy a bottle and have it on your home couch. Additionally, you’ll always find something interesting in their wine menu to try out. Are you planning for an evening out?  Then they have the perfect food menu that goes with the choice of your wine.

  1. Pep’s Wine Bar

Let yourself sync in the world of the wine from Pep’s Wine Bar. This is a newly opened wine bar in Perth near Peppermint Grove. The place is a perfect combination of a cozy and classy environment. The interior has amazing exposed brickwork and a courtyard with a contemporary finishing touch. Their wine list is pretty long and you can get up to 160 different wines. Take a sip of their exotic wines at the bar. This is the perfect destination for a Pronto lover!

  1. Vincent Wine

Looking for an authentic wine restaurants in Perth  ? Then you must visit Vincent Wine. This is a Parisian wine bar that you will find on the edge of Northbridge. Hit their extensive wine list and start your afternoon in a perfect way. They have a collection of wines from France, Italy, and Aussie. Have a glass of exotic wine while you sit down, and relax in the courtyard enjoying the view of the sunset.

  1. Strange company

The name of the restaurant is funky and their menu is also very funky. It will definitely catch your attention right away.  This is another one of the best wine bars in Perth. Usually, their wine menu is separated into different segments like light and easy, funky, wild and curio, round and rich, earth, spice and structure, and so on. Pay a visit to Strange Company because as one of the wine bars in Perth they bring in the old wine palate. Oh yes, you will get wine on tap too!

  1. Cherubino City Cellar

If you want wine and more wine you must pay a visit to Cherubino City Cellar. This is another authentic wine restaurant in Perth. You will find this bar right on Rokeby Road. Once you enter this pace, you will get a  sophisticated vibe. The urban cellar is all decked out with amazing artworks and they have an extensive food menu. For one thing, you will get everything from caviar to Italian. And yes, their wine menu goes up to seventeen pages. So, there are going to be lots of options for you! Enjoy a perfect weekend here with your favorite person.

  1. Skol

Have you ever been to Scandinavia? Well, if you haven’t been there then let us tell you about this restro-bar. Skol means cheers, and this is one of the best wine bars in Perth located near Scarborough. The restro-bar is located in a classic Scandi-style building with mesmerizing decor. Now you can immerse yourself in a boozily way at Skol. This place is great for group gatherings and wine tasting. Have a sip of the natural wines while chatting with friends. The interior is going to take away your mind.

  1. Tiny’s

You might be a resident of Perth or you might be a tourist, if you are crazy about wines, you have to visit Tiny’s. This is a home for the wines and wine loves. You will find more than 300 different wines that are sourced locally as well as internationally. If you are one of the wine connoisseurs, Tiny’s is the place for you. You can buy wine by the glass or you can simply go for a bottle.You will get the delish food connection that will complement your glass of wine.

  1. Besk

Besk will give you fresh and ultra-cool vibes once you visit them. This authentic wine restaurants in Perth offers dining, drink and you can grab a bottle to go! This is one of the most famous bottle shops in the town. Have a date night or hang out a plan with friends, crack open a bottle at Besk and enjoy to the fullest.

The ambiance is also very intimidating and you will find yourself in the middle of fancy brickworks and green plants. We suggest you go and try their pan-roasted gnocchi along with your favorite exotic wine.

  1. Si Paradiso

Lastly, Si Paradiso, one of the wine bars in Perth that serves the most delicious glasses of vino. Once you visit this place you will find yourself grabbing a whole bottle of wine after some time. Share your bottle with your friends and spend an amazing evening with lip smacking foods and the best collection of wine in Perth.

Ending note

As an ending note, we will suggest you go through the menu of the authentic wine restaurants in Perth. We have mentioned the restro-bars that probably were not known by you. So, visit these restaurants and have a wonderful evening with food and wine!

If you want to visit Prego, just go to our website and check out our full three-course meal menu and wine menu as well.

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Best Degustation Menu Restaurants Perth To Checkout



Best Degustation Menu Restaurants Perth To Checkout

Degustation menu restaurants in Perth will provide you with a unique dining experience. You can also get to enjoy the personalized ambience in these restaurants with high food standards.

Each course in the tasting menu is prepared in highly efficient kitchens, by the best chefs. Their primary goal is to provide you with the best food in the heat of culinary competitions.

Try imagining refined, luxurious, and perfectly made food with a glass of tropical wine. It would be “your choice, and their influence” when you visit these restaurants.

The degustation menu allows you to taste the specialty items crafted by the head chef of these restaurants. They will not only provide you with delicious food but also a fine dining experience. They will not back out from providing you with the best ingredients, products, and food grade while making these dishes. All you need to do is place the order at these restaurants and let them take care of the rest.

Degustation menu restaurants Perth

Degustation menu restaurants Perth

Degustation menu restaurants Perth

We are going to tell you about some of the best degustation menu restaurants in Perth. We hope that all these restaurants will provide you with the best dining experience.

1.Rusty Pig

Rusty Pig is one of the best restaurants in Perth that offers an exclusive degustation menu. This restaurant is a specialist when it comes to providing customers with a homely vibe. Get to enjoy the silhouette of a black pig, glowing pendant lights, and stools pulled up to the bar. You can also see the chefs at work from the bar. Also, get to enjoy some of the best delicacies in this restaurant with Abrolhos Island scallops and salted kombu butter, or freshly baked bread, mottainai lamb dripping, and much more.

Moreover, their extensive degustation menu is hard to be explored in one day. So, if you want to try all the food items from their degustation menu, you will have to visit them multiple times!

2.Andly Private Kitchen

Andly Private Kitchen is located in West Leederville. They are simply bringing joy to all their customers. Chef Andly is the head chef at this joint. He creates some of the best cuisines for their customers with the best ingredients. Their dessert menu is also something you would want to try.

3.Prego Restaurant

degustation menu restaurants Perth.

Degustation menu restaurants Perth

By all means, Prego Restaurant is one of the best degustation restaurants in Perth. This is because people know Prego for serving various menus to its customers. You can try their five-course degustation menu if you are visiting the place for the first time.

4.Uma Restaurant

Get to enjoy a culinary journey at Uma Restaurant with their great degustation restaurants in Perth. Chef Alejandro Saravia provides his customers with a mouth-watering selection of beef. You can also try out the Pisco Sour Cocktail and relax in the great ambience of grey matte walls, blond wood table settings, and terracotta tiled floors.

They have now reopened after the pandemic. Therefore, you can enjoy their amazing degustation menu with your choice of food and drinks. They are open every Wednesday to Saturday from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Book your table, maintain safety measures, and visit them for an amazing meal.

5.Caleb Restaurant and Bar

At Caleb Restaurant and bar, you can find the evolution of the modern European degustation menu in Perth. The restaurant has a European setting with simple yet warm decor, open kitchen space, and a sky view rooftop bar for the night owls. Enjoy your food with live DJ music. The butter-aged Wagyu beef, lemon extra virgin olive oil, and handpicked capers are a must to try!

6.Billie H.

If you want to have a great time and great food then Billie H. is the degustation menu restaurant in Perth you must visit. With the soothing music and wall murals placed, this restaurant is PERFECT for leisure dining. You can also sit on a stool at the bar with a glass of one of their best cocktails.

7.No Menu Finest Italian 448

Try the best tasting menu at No Menu Finest Italian 448. The ambience of this restaurant perfectly contributes to fine dining. The archways, exposed brickwork, glowing Edison bulb creates an elegant ambience in this restaurant. Every time you visit them, you will find something new on their degustation menu. This place has the perfect blend of an aesthetic ambience, music of the piano and delicious foods. Visit this place if you have a blind date to attend and dive into their flavoursome degustation menu.


You will find Perugino located in the West Perth region. The tasting menu of Perugino is finely crafted. You will definitely enjoy the delicacies from their degustation menu. This is one of the best degustation menu restaurants in Perth with a spectacular dining area. The ambience of this place is quite elegant with glass roofs and white linen tablecloths. The degustation menu consists of traditional Italian dishes and a wine list, carefully curated for you. Thus, make sure you visit them for fine Italian dining. We recommend you to try their fresh Tiger prawns, pan-fried with garlic, breadcrumbs, and herbs, before trying the main course dishes!


Have the best degustation menu to try, at Wildflower. This place is very famous to the locals and the tourists both. Their Head chef Jed Gerrard has crafted an exclusive degustation menu that makes Wildflower one of the best degustation menu restaurants in town. He has years of experience in restaurants based in Europe.

If you are one of the people who love to try out specialty cuisines, then Wildflower is a must-visit for you. The guests come here to have a fine dining experience with a stunning view of the Swan River. Their degustation menu consists of many European dishes. The ingredients for the dishes are made from purely organic items so get ready to have a satisfying yet healthy meal.

10.Rockpool Bar and Grill Perth

This restaurant is in Burswood Entertainment Complex. Rockpool is widely known for its elegance and extensive menu. Everything here is finest and freshest. If you are visiting them then you have to try their signature dishes that are yellowfin tuna, seared king prawns, and cape grim rib-eye. We recommend you try all of them because all of them are mouth-watering and finely cooked. They are known for providing some of the best degustation menus in Perth. The West Australian lobster with herb butter and wood fire-grilled White Rocks veal cutlet is a MUST to try.

Wrapping it Up!

We have provided the necessary details on the best degustation menu restaurants in Perth. We hope that this blog will be informative for you.

From various 4-star restaurants to common joints around the street, all these restaurants are known for providing the best degustation menus in Perth.

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Authentic Wine Restaurants in Perth


Authentic Wine Restaurants in Perth

As a tourist,  some of the best authentic wine restaurants in Perth are a must-visit for you.

We meant to keep the entire list short but eventually, it kept growing. The number of authentic wine restaurants in Perth just keeps increasing.

You might have already visited some of the most popular ones. However, there might be a few restaurants that you have missed. Let us know if this blog was informative enough after going through it.

Authentic Wine Restaurant in Perth

Top 10 wine bars in Perth

We are going to discuss some of the best authentic wine restaurants in Perth. You can find most of these restaurants in the main city. The lesser-known restaurants serve the best wine and food in their area, even though they are “hidden” away in laneways.

1.Shadow Wine Bar

Address: 214 William St, Perth
Shadow Wine Bar brings class and elegance to the dining experiences in Perth. You are going to love this place if you are one of the biggest wine snobs out there. Especially, if you want to add a pinch of class to your Northbridge party strip, Shadow is the place for you. This place will provide you with authentic dining and a winning experience. If you are on the lookout for a sophisticated place, this is the destination for you!
The waiters will suggest the perfect combination of wine and food for you. And, if you want to spend a leisure night, why not book yourself a room at the Alex Hotel upstairs?

2. Prego

Address: 440 Cambridge St, Floreat, Perth, WA 6014

Notably, Prego restaurant is the place for trying out an exotic collection of Italian food and wines. This place serves some of the best foreign and local wines. Their wine list and amazing food would be the perfect combo for your date night! The fine dining with tropical wines will be an experience for you to remember. Italian food fine dining and extensive wine list makes Prego one of the best authentic wine restaurants in Perth. Visit Prego today and enjoy the food and wine in a fine dining ambience.

3.Petition Wine Merchant

Address: State Buildings, St Georges Tce &, Barrack St, Perth

We are assuming everyone loves cheese and wine. As a wine and cheese lover, you have to visit this place. They have a gorgeous interior and their foods are carefully crafted complementing their wine list. This restaurant will provide you with the appropriate inner-city vibes. If you are someone who loves wine then it’s hard to pass by their wine collection. In fact their wall of wine looks super impressive. You can also let their staff take care of your taste buds if you feel confused and can’t decide what to order. If you are visiting Perth, the Petition Wine Merchant is a place you MUST visit.


Address: 46/56 Grantham St, Wembley

Enjoy a great wine night just beside your favorite pizza place Monsterella! This pretty little wine restaurant in Perth that has an extensive wine list.  You can order both your favorite pizza and wine and get it delivered. Moreover, the sparse layout, friendly atmosphere, and elegant yet simple menu make Mummucc quite interesting. This restaurant is perfect for you if you want to indulge your love for wine.

Try out their VINO btg menu. It consists of six pages of food. You can also have a chat with their friendly staff until the food arrives at your table!

5.The Heritage Wine Bar

Address: 131 St Georges Terrace, Perth

Traditional interiors, open brick, marble floors, high ceilings, and huge glass windows- The Heritage Wine Bar creates a perfect ambiance for having food and wine with your special one. The Heritage Wine Bar is one of the best restaurants in Perth. Moreover, this is another CBD delight, where you would get over hundreds of wines on their menu for you to try. You can browse through their collection of local, national, and international wine.

The food collection of The Heritage Wine Bar is also pretty awesome. Chef Matthew Carulei will please your taste buds with a great set of food from their menu.


Address: 406 South Terrace, South Fremantle

Another one of the best wine bars in Perth, Madalena’s is famous for its great food and wine. It would be very hard to resist the South Freo sun along with this restaurant’s friendly staff.

By all means, these people know their wine. If you ask for a suggestion from their staff, they will provide you with the best wine from their collection. You will be entitled to the exact right drop of your preferred drink along with their delicious seafood.

7.Lalla Rookh

Address: 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth

After all, this Italian restaurant is perfect if you are looking for a fresh spirit in WA. The head chef has you covered with whatever food you order from their menu.

Do not forget about their wine collection. Sommelier Jeremy Prus is one of their best wines. Over here at this restaurant, you would find the best Australian offerings ever!

8.Wines of While

Address: 458 William St, Perth

Wines of While has a super cool and casual vibe. The wine is super fancy and you will be amazed with the food. You can just grab a street-side table and enjoy your food and drink. This is one of the best wine bars in Perth. People often visit this place to spend their Saturday night with a casual hangout with friends. It is almost impossible to find a seat at peak hours. Since they are open 7 days a week, it provides a testament to its popularity.

Moreover, Wine of Whiles is famous for its impressive wine collection and alfresco dining. The dining place is out in the open, right under the moon, at the top of William Street.

9.Whisper Wine Bar

Address: 1/15 Essex St, Fremantle

Basically, this restaurant is actually “hidden” in the middle of Freo. Whisper is known for its big baguettes and even a longer and interesting wine list. They have set a milestone to provide some of the best wines in Perth.

You might not be able to travel to Europe due to the worldwide pandemic but your taste buds can. Whisper will help you by providing the best food and wine from their menu.

10.Must Wine Bar

Address: 519 Beaufort St, Highgate

Lastly, This restaurant has strived through the rest of the same within this area. This is because Must is known to be one of the best wine bars in Perth serving excellent food and great wines.

You can always connect their French-infused menu with their wine collection. This place also has a great ambiance which anyone would enjoy right from the start.

Wrapping it Up!

We have mentioned some of the top authentic wine restaurants in Perth for you! We hope that this blog will be beneficial for you to let you know about the basics of these restaurants.

All the information has been obtained from trustworthy and reliable sources.


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Fine dining restaurants in Perth to checkout


Fine Dining Set Menu serving by Best Restaurant in Perth

So, We have a lot of menus to choose from, the best one being fine dining set menu  from Prego.

Our Story

Prego is located at 440 Cambridge St, Floreat, Perth, WA 6014 providing Italian cuisine to their customers.We are a special Italian Restaurant in Perth, providing some of the delicate Italian dishes. Our Chef makes it his goal to serve you the tastiest delicacies in the healthiest way.You can always trust us to provide you with a great treat which you are likely to indulge in this city.Our services are well-known amongst various tourists, being Perth’s top Italian restaurant. By using fine and fresh natural ingredients, our Chef strives hard to provide you with the food.

fine dining set menu

Fine dining set menu: Prego

Prego consists of a unique fine dining set menu for you to go through. It consists of some of the best fine dining menu items which are an exception when it comes to creating exotic Italian dishes.

The fine dining set menu consists of:

The menu divided into two parts. One costs $69.90 and the other one costs $77.90.

For Now, you must be thinking which menu you should choose. Worry now! We will be including the details of each of the fine dining set menu.  All over, You can go through any of them at your convenience.

Fine dining set menu: $77.90

For starters, you can have Carpaccio, Grilled Morten Bay Bugs and Gamberi alliagio.

Carpaccio: This is a raw, tender and thinly sliced beef sillet served with pesto, crispy garlic, shaved parmesan, and olive jam.
Grilled Morten Bay Bugs: This exotic dish consists of steamed octopus. Flavored with caramelized onion, chickpeas, shallots & thyme, and garnished tomato balsamic.
Gamberi Alliagio: This dish consists of tiger prawns fried in garlic and chilli. They are lightly served with chickpeas, shallots & thyme, and garnished tomato balsamic.

The main course for this fine dining set menu consists of  Crispy Duck, Lamb Shoulder, Pesce del giorno and Beef Fillet.


Crispy Duck: This exotic Italian dish consists of a twice-baked duck on a bed of polenta porcini mushroom sauce and green beans. A pinch of cherry tomato jam is also added if requested.
Pesce del giorno: This dish has a pink snapper skin-on, lightly seared on a bed of conscous, carameled onion, tomato fillet, and minted yoghurt.
Lamb Shoulder: The lamb is slowly cooked over conscous, spring onion, parley, lemon, olive oil, and pomegranate salad. A garnish of minted yoghurt and Lebanese zuchinni is also added. Tomato and capsicum dip is a necessity with this exotic dish.
Beef Fillet: Tender and juicy Beef served with tabouli salad, roasted potato along rosemary and garlic.


The dessert menu consists of Delizie di sorbetti, Tiramisu, Pannacotta, and Formaggi misti.


Delizie di sorbetti: If you are on a strict diet, you can try this dish from the fine dining set menu. It consists of a fresh fruit salad along with pasion fruit sauce.
Tiramisu: This is a traditional dessert of Italy consisting of mascarpone cheese served with fresh fruit salad.
Pannacotta: Your basic pannacotta served with chocolate tarte.
Formaggi misti: This dessert consist of four different cheeses with almonds, walnuts, and pistachio. The fruits are seasonally fresh and fried.

Fine dining set menu: $69.90

This fine dining set menu consists of Duo of Char-Grilled Prawns, Calamari Fritti, and Duo of Field Mushroom.


Duo of Char-Grilled Prawns: Some of the best prawns straight from the city of Perth, marinated with Salmon. The dish is best with capers and saffron aioli.
Calamari Fritti: This dish is deep-fried calamari is serving with a mixture of salad, capers, Spanish onion, chilly, and lime aioli.
Duo of Field Mushroom: The mushroom is best within a firewood oven, and filled with goat cheese baking in rich tomato sauce. A roquette salad and crispy pine nuts are also provided with this dish.

Main course:

The main course for this fine dining set menu consists of Pesce del giorno, Filetto al vino rosso and Crispy Duck.


Crispy Duck: This exotic Italian dish consists of a twice-baked duck on a bed of polenta porcini mushroom sauce and green beans. A pinch of cherry tomato jam is also added if requested.
Pesce del giorno: This dish has a pink snapper skin-on, lightly seared on a bed of conscous, carameled onion, tomato fillet and minted yoghurt.
Filetto al vino rosso: Tender beef fillet served with eggplant mousse, red wine and roasted potato.

The desserts in the fine dining set menu are Delizie di sorbetti, Tiramisu, Pannacotta, and Formaggi misti.


Delizie di sorbetti: If you are on a strict diet, you can try this dish from the fine dining set menu.
It consists of a fresh fruit salad along with pasion fruit sauce.
Tiramisu: This is a traditional dessert of Italy consisting of mascarpone cheese served with fresh fruit salad.
Pannacotta: Your basic pannacotta served with chocolate tarte.
Formaggi misti: This dessert consists of four different cheeses with almonds, walnuts, and pistachio. The fruits are seasonally fresh and fried.

Wrapping it Up! 

So, here we have reached the end of our article where a proper description has been provided on fFine dining set menu in Prego.

We hope so that all the information provided about the dishes is enough.

Henceforth, no need to ask the staff what the dishes consist of.

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Best Italian Restaurants near me in Perth

Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth

Italian cuisine comprises exceptional cooking techniques, Prego –The fine dining set menu in Perth will enable the cozy environment and dig into the fine dining set menu. The ingredients are olives, wheat, tomatoes, and wine. Feel the heavenly bliss aroma of our food.

Prego brings the soul of Italian cooking to Perth. Italy is a land of fashion, style, culture, and Mediterranean cuisine. To maintain the proper balance of Italian food expert cooking techniques are essential. Not only that fresh seasonal herbs and ingredients are also required, most of the recipes taken from old Italian food practices.

Prego focuses on serving mouth-watering cuisine. Every single menu in the Prego restaurant is unique. It will give you a compelling experience. Prego signifies with confidence that they serve quality dishes on the plate.

Ala carte dishes

The term Ala-carte is the French word that cites individual ordering. Prego a plethora of ala-carte dishes. Experience every time taste on your platter. Although; You will enjoy your dine-in Perth with all varieties of delicious dishes.

The Ala carte menu includes:

·          Starter

The starters before a meal used to surge the hunger. It is also represented as Appetizers. Italian Sausage and Olives, Tossed and roasted capsicum or dried tomatoes, olives, Oregano.

·         Entree

The entree is also labeled as the main dish. Charm your mind with the best entree’s ever in Italy. Prego encounters you with the mesmerizing experience of dine-in Perth. Items like; Fried tiger prawns with chili and garlic, Egg Plant stuffed with goat cheese

The fine dining set menu in Perth

·          Mains

In Prego, you experience delight with a fine dining set menu. We cater for you good food with the soft touch of our hospitality.

The mains include Duck baked-on firewood, Red wine, Baked potatoes, and beef fillets, etc.


Relish your meal end with the finger-licking desserts at Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth. Choose your options according to your mood. It includes ice cream with vanilla beans, fruit salad, sorbet, tiramisu, chocolate fondant.

Takeaway dishes

Although, Prego serves the best takeaway dishes in Perth. Proper hygiene maintained to cook. Both Veg and Non-veg items are delish. You would experience the burst of Italian flavors in every morsel.

Our expert chefs have designed the fine dine-in set menu according to your taste.Prego offers tasteful takeaway dishes like sauteed prawns and chicken, homemade pasta, meatballs.

You can also choose desserts as a takeaway meal. Relish your food with comfort at home with your family or mates. Prego guarantees the ultimate relaxation after your hectic day schedule.

Order online to get the best flavors.

Enjoy wine and beer

 To complete the authentic dine-in and take away wine and beer is the best option. Prego keeps up the culinary culture in Perth by upkeeping the best flavors.

Our expert chefs have chosen dishes that will give you a mesmerizing experience.  Food is not complete at all without beer or wine. Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth will make you experience twist. Every platter is soothing to look at and flavourful to eat.

There is a wide stock range of wine and beer in Prego. It includes champagne, cider, wine both full and half bottle. The wines are from the selectable wine cellars selling from generations. Prego makes you enjoy its fine dining set menu in Perth with every sip of its exclusive wine and beer.

Enjoy Saturday set menu at Prego-Fine dine in Perth

Taste the finger-licking menu in Perth. Perth is the destination of music, tradition, and loving culture. Every single menu gives you the divine taste of the produce of organic fields and farming. Everyone will get to enjoy the fabulous dining and breakfast contents at Prego, The fine dining set menu in Perth.

Saturday is the first day of your weekend. Enjoy your Saturday with the best food and drinks. Prego-fine dines in Perth has its fabulous Saturday set menu.

The set menu is the menu that has certain options to choose from it. It has a fixed price for all the items.

Above all, there are several courses with Starter, Entree, and Dessert at last. Items like beef fillet, baked mushrooms, crispy duck are mouth-watering. Desserts like chocolate tart, pannacotta is good to have

Awards and Accolades

Prego The fine dining set menu in Perth makes you savor all the signature dishes by the best expert chefs. It gives you a comfortable environment with cozy hospitality.

It thrills the mouth of everyone who comes there.There are several awards and accolades received by Prego from Savour in the years 2010 and 2015.

Not only this there is an ample number of reviews shared in journals like Sunday Times and Perth Now.

 Private venue for the function in Perth

 Not only suckle Italian cuisine. Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth gives you a good experience of dine-in Perth. If you are not finding any suitable place for your family occasion or friends party or get together,

leave it on Prego.  Prego will arrange for an unforgettable lunch or dinner party by keeping in mind all the orders. With a max booking of up to eighty people,  Prego will give you a stunning experience.

Being one of the famous restaurants in Perth, Prego charts out all the customer’s menus. All the menus are from expert chefs. They have planned according to customers taste, not only, but food hypersensitivity is also one of the dangerous things one encounters.

Prego looks after the sensitive issues faced by our customers. Your taste preference is our concern. Our clean ambience will give you a blissful experience. We guarantee that you would never forget it.

Our team will give you the cozy touch of Italian ambience. Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth will tune you up with all the traditional food and culture of Italy in Perth.

It guaranteed that you would come back again again. Prego is there to welcome you with its open hands and serve you with the best it has.

Precaution for Covid-19 Outbreak

Covid-19 Outbreak has created a disturbance in our daily lives. But, there is no need to worry about it. Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth only has a takeaway menu. By maintaining proper hygiene we are operational now.

Book a table

Book a table to experience the heavenly hospitality and food in Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth. Enjoy the aromas of Italian cuisine in a homely atmosphere. There are several offers for our customers who visit us.

For all the dedicated customers’ gift vouchers are available. It eases their buy.

Prego -The fine dining set menu in Perth has originated its fine dining set menu to feast your appetite with the best delight!

Fine Dining Set Menu Italian Restaurant at Perth

At Prego Dine-in Perth, their fine dining set menu consists of their best dishes!

Italian food is all about delectable dishes. Savor every bit of your meal and create memories at Prego, fine dining Perth. Prego is estimating for its eccentric décor, hospitality, and delish food. Their menu reflects their expertise. There are four types of the menu at Prego. Among them, there are two set menus.

A fine, dine-in set menu, also known as table d’hôte is a menu that has a limited number of dish options given at a fixed price. This consists of entrée, main course, and desserts. There is also a separate set menu for Saturdays.

Why Set Menu

At Prego, we preach the customer satisfaction mantra. While the a-la-carte menu is still a choice, the fine dining set menu has its charm. Set menus often make it easier for customers to order a meal that is well balanced. The fine dining set menu helps in this regard. We designed our fine dining set menu by taking into consideration certain aspects.

Fine Dining Set Menu Italian Restaurant at Perth


Fine Dining Set Menu History

Set menu dates back to the year 1951 when the origin of table d’hôte took place. The phase after World War II deteriorated the lifestyle of rural people. They had no food and resources in villages. There were a scarcity of jobs and people moved to the city. The rural area of France started collapsing. Emile Aubert, a senator planned to create a pilot project and thus set menu came into being.

During those times rich people used to visit the empty countryside for leisure. The villages were the getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. To preserve the rural area, the ministry of tourism rebuilt the country houses. The pilot project was the source of their idea. Those were lodges, beautifully decorated. They also had a menu that had limited choices and a fixed rate. The idea of table d’hôte had a link with countryside tourism. Though it was a term used with a different perspective, with time it emerged into cities. The current fine dining set menu uses this basic concept.

Prego, Fine Dining Set Menu Italian Restaurant

Apart from the fine dining set menu, Prego also has an a-la-carte menu and degustation menu. You can always order as per your preference. We also have takeaway services. Book your table for the next visit and leave a review here. Bon Appétit!

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Prego Italian Restaurant has long been a destination choice for food lovers. Customers visit this special Italian Restaurant to taste some delectable Italian cuisine in the regions and leave the restaurant with great contentment. Our chef makes it a point to serve you the tastiest delicacies in the healthiest way. Count on us for a healthy & tasty treat and feel the indulgence!

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440 Cambridge St, Floreat, Perth, WA 6014

We welcome BYO wine only on Tuesday to Saturday. (Corkage Fee) Not valid with any other Discounts or Promotions.