Take away menu restaurant in Perth: Open Now!

Italian Italian Food | 10 May, 2021

Take away menu restaurant in Perth: Open Now!

The number of “Take away menu restaurant in Perth is growing eventually. Amidst the pandemic, the local street businesses have been under stress. The restaurants and small bars have taken a huge hit. Let’s be clear about it, these effects are going to stay with us for a long time. Due to this situation, the dine-in restaurants are slowly shifting towards take away and home delivery. This grab and go is becoming the “new normal” in this food and beverage industry. So, nowadays if you are planning to treat yourself to something special, give these restaurants a go! Grab your delicious meal, come back home and enjoy it on your couch with your favourite show on your laptop or tv.


Check out the best take away menu restaurants in Perth

Prego Restaurant

If you are in search of the best takeout in Perth, then no doubt Prego is the place for you. Because of the pandemic, we are offering dine-in for 20 people. However, we have an extensive take away menu. If you visit our website you can check it out. We offer entree, mains, homemade pasta, side dishes and dessert. Now, it’s even more convenient that you can take away your favourite Italian cuisine and enjoy it at your own place.

Call us on 8-92872700 or 04-25558887 to place your order. You will find a section at the end of our menu page as well. You can order from there as well. Prego Restaurant is always ready to serve you the best Italian delicacies.

King Somm

Are you one of those who believe bottle shops are one of the essential services? If yes, then you will be delighted to know that your favourite bottle shop is now delivering. King Somm is a boutique bottle shop. They are currently delivering pizza and pasta along with wine bottles. If you live in the neighbourhood, you can place your order. Or, you can visit them and pick up your favourite wine. Visit their website and check out one of the best take away menus in Perth. You can choose their $40 pizza and wine special take away offer. They will match whichever pizza you choose with a Vino.

Melting Pot

We have to mention Melting Pot as one of the best take away menu restaurants in Perth. Moreover, their meals are really affordable. If you’re seeking a swift snack or a budget-friendly meal, this is the place for you. They offer plenty of meals under $15. So, instead of cooking, consider visiting this Ardross café. They provide both take-away and delivery options, allowing you to select whichever suits you best.

Kale & Co

Well, we are not really fans of salads, are we? But do you agree it always tastes good when someone else makes it for you? If you do, then Kale & Co is the best takeout in Perth for you. They are offering a collection of clean meals. However, don’t expect their chefs to reveal what they put in their meals because that’s a secret magic! Foods ranging from salads to risotto will be delivered to your doorstep if you wish. The team is currently delivering to more than 120 suburbs in Perth. Visit them and take away your favourite Italian food!

Someday Coffee Co

Weekend brunch was a ritual for you? And now you are missing that? Great news! Floreat’s Someday Coffee and Co now offers brunch delicacies on their top-notch take-away menu. You can simply order your favorites to go. They have riffs on avo smash to ruby, raspberry and rosewater pancakes. So, order your favourite food and enjoy brunch on your couch with your cat!

Kuld Creamery

As a matter of fact, we all are going through a rough time, we all can have some comfort food from time to time. Kuld Creamery is on it’s verge of becoming the best take away menu restaurant in Perth. Their delivery time is 11-2 pm and 2-5 pm. Additionally, you can select from a huge range of ice-cream flavours as well as cookies, brownies and fudge sauce. Check their Instagram page for keeping up to date with the prices.

The Lobster Pier

The Lobster Pier has quickly adjusted to the new normal. They are now open for take away. They have some amazing lobster rolls, onion rings and cajun fries that you can order and take away. No doubt they are one of the best takeouts in Perth. Head to their Facebook page and check out their full take away menu. Order now and they will be delivering soon. Or just head to their restaurant and pick up your own order. Oh yes! They are open every day so, every time is the best time.

Tiramisu Traditional Italian desert with mascarpone cheese

Outback jacks Currambine

Follow their Facebook page and you will know they have the best take away menu at an affordable price range. They offer daily and weekly special meals. These meals won’t cost you more than $12-$20. A few weeks back they were offering homemade dal makhani, Bangers and mash etc just for $12. They keep on adding new meals to their menu. So, every time you order, you will get something special. You can check the take away and delivery menu from their Facebook page.


All our travelling plans have been cancelled because of the pandemic. Yes, we cannot travel somewhere exotic for a vacation. However, that does not mean our taste buds can’t. Kitsch is located at Leederville. You will find an exotic Asian menu that will delight your taste buds. They are a take away menu restaurant in Perth. They also offer 20% off on all their delivery or take away orders.


Bravo’s offers the best take away menu with more than 20 pasta dishes. Moreover, you will get a variety of pizza and different options for mains. It’s fair to say that you will always find something to get your mouth drooling over in their menu. They are open for take away and the locals can find them on UberEats. Don’t wait up and visit them for a bite and go!

Ending Note:

All things considered, it can be said that with the pandemic going on take away is the safest option to enjoy restaurant foods. You can visit all these restaurants but Prego Italian Restaurant in Perth will always remain the best take away menu restaurant in Perth. We maintain the safety protocols and our cuisines are well known for their taste and flavours. Visit our website today and order your take away!

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