How to choose the best fine dining Italian restaurant Perth?

Italian Italian Food | 24 May, 2021

How to choose the best fine dining Italian restaurant Perth?

Fine dining Italian restaurant Perth offers an array of authentic Italian cuisines. You will find Italian restaurants all around Perth and in the surrounding areas. But choosing the best Italian restaurant can be tricky. If you dig deeper into this, you will see so many restaurants that are claiming to be the best Italian restaurant. But there is a high possibility that they are one of the fake ones around.

Want to know how to choose the best Italian restaurant in Perth? You are at the right place. In this post, we will tell you how to choose the best fine dining Italian restaurant Perth.

Choosing The Best Italian Restaurant in Perth

Finding the best Italian restaurant outside of Italy would require some good research.  If you are not sure what are factors you should look for, we are here to help. Here are some great tips for you that are going to be of help.  Check out the tips below.

Firstly, Start With Some Market Research

Firstly, start with some market research

Before you select an Italian restaurant Perth city, start with some market research. You can take suggestions from your friends, family or relatives. They might know about the authentic Italian restaurants in the city. In other words, let’s say you live in Subiaco. Look for people who have been to the Italian restaurant Subiaco. Ask for their opinions and reviews. Moreover, you can just Google it. Check the online ratings and reviews of the Italian restaurants and find the perfect one.

Additionally, if you read reviews from past customers you will find it helpful. Take some time out and check the restaurant’s social media pages and reviews. Otherwise, you can check their Google My Business reviews. You will find some authentic feedback there with attached pictures by the customers.

Secondly, Be Sure About The Authenticity of The Restaurant

Secondly, be sure about the authenticity of the restaurant

This ranks among the foremost considerations to take into account. When you are choosing an Italian restaurant in Subiaco, check its authenticity. In other words, a real Italian place should serve authentic Italian cuisine. If it doesn’t then you should not visit the place and spend money. It’s not worth it.

You will mainly find the fast-food chains not following the authenticity. But, a fine dining Italian restaurant in Perth like Prego, always provides authentic cuisines. So, when you are out to dine in, make sure it’s worth spending the money.

Third, Italian Restaurants Are Usually Not Open All Day.

Thirdly, Italian restaurants aren’t usually open all day long

You might think you can find the real taste of Italy at any restaurant. We are sorry to burst your bubble. We hate to tell you that there is a huge number of fake Italian restaurants lingering around. So, visit an Italian restaurant in the city that is not open all day long. This is not known to all. The authentic Italian restaurants are open only during certain hours.

This happens because Italians have a certain time of having lunch and dinner. Moreover, they are very specific about it. That is the reason the restaurants are open from 12 pm to 2.30 pm for lunch. The dinner time is 7.30 pm to 11 am. If an Italian restaurant is serving all day long, it’s not an authentic one.

Prego restaurant is an Italian restaurant Perth city. We welcome guests for dinner every Tuesday through Saturday. We also serve lunch from Tuesday to Friday. So, visit us during the mentioned hours and have a taste of authentic Italian food.

Don’t Visit The Restaurant If You Find Pizza On The Lunch Menu

Don’t visit the restaurant if you find pizza on the lunch menu

In Italy, certain food items are traditionally served at specific times. Considering this, the authentic Italian restaurants would not serve pizza for lunch. You will find many restaurants in the city serving pizza for lunch. It’s advisable to steer clear of them, as an authentic Italian restaurant such as Prego wouldn’t engage in such practices!

Try Not To Get Lured In

Try not to get lured in

You may find Italian restaurant Subiaco with a host who’s more than nice. You will also see a menu in English and a complimentary welcome drink. So, it’s better you understand when you should just keep on walking. Moreover, the places that serve authentic Italian cuisines are usually pre-booked. So, if you go without a reservation, they might not be able to accommodate you.

At Prego, we are now serving 20 people at a time and pre-booking is required. If you want to visit us then go to our website and book your table today.

A Menu With Pictures Is A Big No

The restaurant seems nice but you found pictures on the menu?

It’s a big NO!

You will see fine dining Italian restaurant Perth impressing customers with good services. They do not include delicious-looking pictures that might misguide people. In reality, these food items are not going to be anything like you have imagined. If you find pictures in the menu, take it as a note that they are just playing with human psychology. It’s a trick to lure tourists so that they spend more on expensive dishes.

The Ambience Is An Important Factor

The ambience is an important factor

We know the quality and the authenticity of food matters the most while you are eating out. However, the ambience should be great as well. Because dine-in is not just about the food but the experience too. If you are not liking the surroundings, you won’t be able to enjoy your food as well.

At Prego fine dining Italian restaurant Perth, we serve great food in a great ambience. Whether you are coming in for a family dinner or a dinner date, you will always find the ambience perfect. Here you will get a welcoming atmosphere with attentive service.

A Menu With Questionable Varieties

A menu with questionable varieties

When you go to an authentic Italian restaurant, you will get Italian food. That’s it. However, In Perth, you will find many restaurants offering an extremely creative menu. Well, there comes the question regarding authenticity. Usually, all the Italian cuisines are simple. So, if you notice varying ethnicities after opening the menu, run away! It’s not an authentic Italian restaurant.

Here at Prego Restaurant, we make sure all the cuisines are cooked just the way it’s done in Italy. Simplicity is our formula to create authentic Italian cuisines. So, visit Prego: the best Italian restaurant Perth city.

Check The Authenticity of The Food You Are Being Served

Check the authenticity of the food you are being served

This is a key thing to consider while looking for the best Italian restaurant. Italian delicacies possess distinct characteristics. The authentic Italian food should be seasonal. All the dishes shouldn’t be covered with cheese and sauce. Moreover, it’s not just limited to Pasta. Italian foods change with the season and highlight the best quality ingredients. Fresh vegetables take center stage here. Authentic Italian cuisine isn’t about drowning pasta in sauce; it’s about balance and quality ingredients.

If you encounter an Italian restaurant in Subiaco offering this type of cuisine, it’s advisable to steer clear of that establishment. Because that is definitely not a true Italian restaurant. On the flip side, Prego offers top-tier Italian cuisine. Our dishes boast seasonal flavors, ensuring a culinary experience like no other. The choice is now yours to make wisely.

Ending Note

These are the factors that you should consider while choosing an Italian restaurant. However, if you have read the blog till now, you already know Prego is the best fine dining Italian restaurant in Perth. Book your table today and visit us for having the taste of authentic Italian cuisines.

Additionally, feel free to explore our archives to discover best fine dining Italian restaurants in Perth showcased in our previous blog posts.

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