Best Fine Dine-in Restaurants in Perth

Italian Italian Food | 10 May, 2021

Best Fine Dine-in Restaurants in Perth

If you are thinking about a holiday in Australia and don’t make plans to visit the best fine dine-in restaurants in Perth, then you are making a huge mistake!

It could be that you are not sure where to eat. Sit back and relax while we tell you about the best fine dine-in restaurants in Perth, just for you!


8 Best Fine Dine-in Restaurants in Perth

Here is our list of top 8 restaurants in Perth where you can have a marvellous experience when it comes to fine dine-in restaurants in Perth. You must have heard about these restaurants if you are a foodie! However, if you haven’t don’t worry. We are going to mention to you the best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth according to our survey.

1. Wildflower

This is one of the best fine dine-in restaurants in Perth. All the more reason as to why this restaurant is one the top of our list. Wildflower is a renowned restaurant known to provide traditional Australian food to its customers. This is a popular rooftop restaurant offering an à la carte menu where you could taste the menus based around the six seasons of the Indigenous Noongar people. Dining at this restaurant means having an exploration of almost half of Australia.

Guests can enjoy special dishes such as jarrah-smoked kangaroo with green lip abalone, Berkshire pork collar with wildflower honey and Margaret River wagyu. This isn’t just a normal restaurant in Perth. It is one of the best fine dine-in restaurants in Perth. If you want to experience Western Australia captured on a plate, visit this place.

2. Prego Restaurant


Prego, as the name for our website says, would be the second on our list after Wildflower. Yes, we have put ourselves in the second in spite of having this blog on our website. Although not a rooftop restaurant, Prego best italian restaurant in Perth offers a sophisticated variety of food when it comes to Saturday’s Set Menu. This is the reason why Prego is the second-best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth.

3. Long Chim

If you want to enjoy Thai food in Australia then there can be no better place than Long Chim. Long Chim is known to be one of the best fine dine-in restaurants in Perth serving some of the best Thai food in and around Western Australia. Try the pork satay and fried chicken larb for entrées and spice it up with a selection of curries. You can also go traditional with pad thai and bean curd laksa.

Long Chim is well-known for its grill options which include Fremantle octopus and Exmouth prawns. If you prefer a glass of wine with your food, ask the staff and they will provide you with their exotic collection of wine. Do visit Long Chim, order as much as you can and your taste buds are bound to thank you!

4. Madalena’s Bar

Fresh seafood on a plate with a glass of amazing wine! This is what makes Madalena’s Bar one of the best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth. This restaurant has a suits-and-satin inner-city exclusivity but it is quite difficult to get a seat in this place, particularly at peak times. Getting a seat at this place is near to impossible when it comes to the busiest hours.

Guests can enjoy a great swimming session at the nearby South Beach and then go inside the bar to have some drinks and cool them off! Aperol spritz and a plate of Kilpatrick oysters are a must to try if you ever visit this place. You can also unleash your inner vino-friend and taste some of the exotic wine from their menu. Come for the grape juice! Stay for the marvellous seafood!

5. Lulu La Delizia

Looking for some northeastern Italian cuisine in Perth? Lulu La Delizia is your one-stop-shop for finding the best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth. They cater to some of the top-notch traditionalist gourmands who are known to thumb their noses at the way America has butchered pasta! This restaurant draws its inspiration from the exotic cuisines of Friuli.

Their pasta is a MUST to try since it is manufactured in-house. You can also choose from pork ragu, agnoletti of taleggio, gnochetti tossed with king prawns, pasta of the day, or a sharp-tempered saffron spaghetti, featuring clams with spigarello, white wine, garlic and chilli.

6. Lalla Rookh

Lalla Rookh is a hip and modernist Italian restaurant without any doubt! They draw their inspiration from the coastal regions of Italia. The head chef at this restaurant is Alexandra Haynes who has crafted an exotic à la carte menu which simultaneously reimagines and pays homage to traditional dishes.

You can try the spaghettini with Shark Bay crab, chargrilled ox-tongue skewers and bistecca alla Fiorentina are some of their best dishes you can ever try! If you want to try something truly special, do check out their il Capo seasonal menu. This is one of the best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth offering a comprehensive selection of wines, beer and cocktails. You don’t ever need to go back to your home thirsty!

7. Propeller

Chef Kurt Sampson’s makes wonderful dishes at the Propeller. This is a middle eastern-inspired restaurant that fully embraces its quirky character. Everything from being bold to the geometric architecture of the restaurant screams the phrase “I am unique”.

Some of the popular food at this best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth are grilled fish and cured kingfish. If you are someone who likes to have rural food items such as Berber lamb tagine and venison sabzi, this is the place you should visit! If you are going to spend your whole day near this restaurant, make sure that you try their locally sourced coffee.

8. Nobu

This is another one of the best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth where a lot of Japanese food is available. This place was founded by Japanese culinary legend Nobu Matsuhisa in conjunction with actor Robert de Niro, Nobu is one of the best fusion Japanese restaurants you could ever come across. This restaurant is located in Crown Perth.

This restaurant serves some of the best South American flavours along with sashimi and fresh-shucked oysters. If you are visiting this place for any big occasion, try the teppanyaki or their critically acclaimed black cod miso.

To Conclude

We have mentioned some of the best fine dine-in restaurant in Perth. If you face any confusion with the above restaurants, get in touch with us and we will get back to you!

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