Best Italian Restaurants near me in Perth

You should already know that there are various local foods available in the vicinity of Perth. Now, who can blame us for having a love affair with Italian restaurants near me? 

Therefore, Italian dishes have the tendency to have a variety of flavor balancing food. And of course, there is the plain yet exotic garlic bread which is one of the most liked Italian dishes in these restaurants.

For your reference, here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best Italian Restaurants in Perth. As soon as you search for Italian restaurants near me, these restaurants would be your first preference. Whenever you think about having a great food time in Perth, you can always visit these restaurants.

So, don’t go about wasting your weekly carb intake and try out some of the authentic food at these Italian restaurants in Perth.

Top 10 Italian Restaurants near me

1.ulu La Delizia

If you are someone who refuses to have pasta at home, whip up a carbonara at an exotic restaurant, Lulu La Delizia is the place you would want to be. This restaurant has earned its accolades over the past years and not only it is popular in Perth but it has earned quite a name for itself. If you are unable to decide from their huge set of menus, get the “chef’s menu” and try out the burrata (it’s a MUST). Trust us when we say this, Lulu La Delizia is the place you would start visiting if you are a huge fan of Italian restaurants near me.

2. Prego

Italian Restaurants near me

Prego Italian Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants near me. Firstly, they ensure that their customers are provided with the best Italian dining in the city along with an exotic collection of food. Secondly, you wouldn’t be left out in anyways to try out their massive food menu. Therefore, All you need to do is visit their restaurant and try their culinary culture for the appropriate Italian brunch!


3.II Lido

We all know that anyone would like to prefer an exotic dinner or lunch by the seaside. II Lido has once again proven themselves to be of great usefulness with their extravagant food menu and professional chefs. When you need a bit of romance in your life, try out this restaurant for a date night. There is no need to proceed with any other romanticism. You can enjoy the legendary lasagna followed by a stellar Casttesole sunset for you and your better half! It would be tough for you to get the lasagna on Sundays. So make sure you plan your day out when you are thinking about visiting this restaurant.

4.Galileo Buona Cucina

This is an authentic Italian restaurant in Perth that the Italian Government approved.This restaurant has the Ospitalità Italiana quality seal which poses as a ‘big tick of approval’ right from the Italian Government. After all, Galileo focuses on seasonal cuisine and exotic ingredients obtained all the way from Italy. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Perth. They also have an extensive wine list which consists of 400 brands of wine from all around the world.

5.No Mafia

This is the Italian wine bar located in the vicinity of Perth. Their inspiration comes from the recipes from Southern Italy. Their food is simple yet delicious and consists of a great list of exotic wines along with a variety of Italian cocktail menus. The cheese-filled roman arancini and the silky & delicious duck pappardelle are nothing but darn delish. You can always book your seat in this restaurant, yet, if there are only two of you, you can always enjoy a balcony seat to have a look at the local streets.

6.Three Coins

Three Coins is under a Trequattrini family (which translates to Three Coins). They are yet another authentic restaurant to try out some of the best Italian dishes in Perth. Similarly, this place serves some of the rustic yet regional cuisines. With a variety of dishes like polenta-crusted squid and woodfired ricotta gnocchi, you would satiate your tastebuds for sure! You always gulp down these foods with a drop of Italian drink at your disposal.

7.Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

If you are looking for a neat little joint on Williams Lane, Francoforte Spaghetti Bar is a place you would like to experiment with. This Italian restaurant in Perth provides its unique gluten-free spaghetti. This allowed them to expand their popularity. Bring in your own chianti and a little bit of cash, and you are good to go at this place.

8.La Sosta

La Sosta has already earned a name for itself, thanks to their exotic family recipe for Italian dishes.You would get to have exciting and luxurious dishes right from the heart of Italy in Perth. Score yourself a vantage point by visiting this amazing place to try out some food combos to have the appropriate foodgasm.

Best Italian Restaurants near me in Perth


Perugino is no doubt one of the best Italian restaurants in Perth with its owner and head chef being Giuseppe Pagliaricci.  He and his wife Rosalba will provide you with an authentic experience in Italian dishes. Above all, they have always stood by their customers to provide the best food without fail. The food is an absolute classic with its legendary dessert and extensive wine list. For an unforgettable Italian restaurant, this is the place for you!


Lastly, Garum is a large-scale rustic Roman restaurant in Perth

They provide their customers with high-quality yet, local Italian food inspired by Roman food and dining culture. Garum would provide you with a much-needed contemporary feel to the original heritage building in Rome.

Wrapping it up!

If you are still hungry you can always go through our best dining restaurant in Perth.
There you will find some of the best food in the city. If you are someone who got tired of the exotic collection of Italian restaurants.

Dine-in Perth restaurants now open after Pandemic

As of today, various restaurants for dine-in Perth restrict indoor gatherings. The effective opening of these restaurants is taking place.

The recent pandemic of 2020 caused a lot of panic amongst various business owners located in Perth. Yet, with the recently lowered rates of the disease, the businesses are able to open up yet.

We are going to mention some of the restaurants that are going to open up. Also be mentioning some of them who are available for booking a slot for lunch or dinner with your friends and family.

Best Restaurants for a marvelous dine-in Perth


Prego is one of the fine dine-in Perth restaurants offering a variety of delicacies to satisfy your tastebuds. Over the past years, this restaurant has earned quite a name for themselves, offering multiple cuisines according to the need of their customers. Right from Antipasto to Gnocchi, they have successfully created some of the best Italian dishes in this city.

Dine-in Perth Restaurants now open after Pandemic

2.Alabama Song

Secondly, Alabama Song is a popular rock’n’roll bar that is ready for reopening after the pandemic. They are open only on Fridays and Saturdays from 6 P.M to 10 P.M. There is no need for booking and table service is available without any issues. With their varsity in wings, burgers, fried chicken, and beers, this restaurant is one of the best places to dine in PerthYou will find this restaurant located at 232 William St, Northbridge. So, if you are looking for the best rock’n’roll bar in town, this is the best time to visit Alabama Song.


Balthazar is another well-known dine-in Perth restaurant. It will open from Monday to Friday from 12 to 5 P.M. They have a $65 lunch buffet which includes 2 courses in the menu and an $85 buffet consisting of a 3 set menu. For More, the restaurant also opens from Monday to Saturday at 6 P.M or 8:30 P.M for their unique dinner 3-course menu. You will need to book a table prior visit. Head to their website now and book your table for a great dinner.

4. Benny’s

Benny’s is still rocking their takeaway and delivery options. As the pandemic cases are getting lowered worldwide, this restaurant is available for dine-in from 7:30 A.M.  A very limited space is available. So we recommend that you should book your place through their website.

Dine-in Perth Restaurants now open after Pandemic

5. The Bayswater Hotel

The Bayswater Hotel is one of the best restaurants for dine-in Perth, with of course a huge menu featuring various chicken schnitzels. Seating at this restaurant is also limited so you can always place a call at their business and book yourself a seat. You will find this restaurant located at 78-80 Railway Parade, Bayswater.

6. The Bellevue Darling Range Hotel

The Bellevue Darling Range Hotel is a casual dining Perth restaurant. They are open from 11:30 A.M. Therefore, Group bookings are available between 11:30 A.M and 3 P.M. They are still doing Burger and Pizza takeaways from 4:30 P.M. As they even maintain all the necessary protocols for the pandemic. This restaurant is located at 49 Great Eastern Hwy, South Guildford.

7. Besk

Besk is one of the best dine-in Perth restaurants, offering takeaway meals to tuck in your home. But, the good news is that they are ready for dine-in. Their timings would be from Thursday to Saturday between 4 PM and 10 PM. They would also be open on Sundays from 1 PM to 8 PM. The timing for each sitting is 1.5 hours for every party. Visit their website and book your table today. They are located at 264 Railway Parade, West Leederville. Don’t wait up and visit today.

8. Bib & Tucker

It has been quite some time since Bib & Tucker didn’t open till the lockdown in Perth. Yet, with the lightning up of things, this restaurant would be open for lunch and dinner on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays too! You are free to choose from either their 3-course or 4-course menus with two sittings available at lunch and dinner.

9. Blasta Brewing Co.

Blasta Brewing Co. is one of the best places to dine in Perth where you can get some of the finest beers of the country. They are now open for business from 8:30 AM every day operating on a strict 2-hour time slot. Table booking occurs through their online booking tool.If you want to stay a little longer than the allotted time slot then chooses the 7 PM slot! You have waited long, now go and visit them.

Dine-in Perth Restaurants now open after Pandemic

10. BWG Steakhouse

If you want to try out the town’s best steak then BWG is the place you would want to be. This place offers rocking takeaway offers along with exclusive private dining experiences for groups of 10 to 20 people. You can book your own private slot for your get-together party.

11. The Bird

The Bird is yet again open for dine-in Perth with its interim menu. They are adjusting to the new rules post-pandemic. The Bird allows a 90-minute time limit for individuals and groups alike.

12. Clancy’s Fish Pub Canning Bridge

While all the subsidiaries of Clancy’s fish pub are open for business, the Canning Bridge joint is still striving to open up. Well, worry not, they have been able to open up their business with a variety of menus. This consists of a $45 set menu running 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm on Fridays and 11.30 am, 1.30 pm, 5.30 pm, and 7.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

13. Core Cider House

If you want to enjoy some of the lushful scenic views of Eastern Perth, then this is the perfect place for dine-in Perth. The House is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays with the time allotment being 11 AM to 3 PM. Bookings occur across two sittings from 11 and 12.45 pm with a 1.5-hour limit. Their special takeaway menu is also available from the opening hours itself.

Dine-in Perth

14. The Court Hotel

If you are trying to find the perfect place to have dine-in Perth then the Court will be re-opening their services pretty soon! Booking is mandatory for every person but the time span offered would have a most of 2.5 hours to enjoy its vibes.

15. The Flour Factory

The final restaurant on our list for dine-in Perth is the Flour Factory. It has a distinctive menu including Skull Island Prawns, charcuterie, and more. Additionally, You can also book a place for yourself in this place to receive complimentary champagne or beer upon your arrival. Also, if you are looking to book places for 15-20 people, then this is the place you would want to visit this place!

Wrapping up our dine-in Perth blog!

Finally,  here we are going to end our article which mentions some of the best restaurants for casual dining Perth. We hope so our related post was informative for you so that you can go and have a nice time at some of the best restaurants for dine-in Perth.

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Prego-The fine dining set menu in Perth

Best Italian restaurant in Perth

So, it’s been months since you went out on a dinner date with your partner or had a wonderful time with your family or friends over some good quality Italian food discussing How the best Italian restaurant in Perth can make your fine dining experience unforgettable?
When lockdown restrictions ease in Australia and restaurateurs consider reopening their businesses, why not head to the best Italian restaurant in Perth?

An Italian restaurant

An Italian restaurant just east of City Beach, Prego Restaurant is all about Italian fine dining. There is a different menu for degustation and à la carte and there is a Saturday’s set menu as well, to add to the variety.
Are you looking forward to creating a happy time together with some enticing aroma and mouth-watering taste that comes with Italian food?

There is an impression that Italian cuisine is only about Pizza and Pasta. Other than the likes of creamy Pasta dishes and oven-baked Pizza variants, Prego Restaurant has a wide range of scrumptious dishes pertaining to the Mediterranean cuisine that can titillate your taste buds.

Our hand-picked menu is known all across Perth for its myriad of traditional seasoning blends and its array of fresh ingredients and wonderfully fragrant herbs used to flavor the beautifully plated entrées and the elegant mains. And if you have a sweet tooth, then get ready to drool over our statement desserts like the classic Tiramisu, homemade authentically the Italian way. You won’t be able to stop at one serving, no matter how hard you try.

We also have an assortment of authentic Italian dishes which are suitable for vegans.
Are you looking for the best wines to pair with Italian food? Along with the exotic dishes that range from meat to seafood to iconic Italian vegetables to salads to antipasto and gnocchi, we also stock an extensive wine list.

Best Italian restaurant in Perth

Quality Hospitality

We also know how to expertly pair Italian food with wine because we understand the different textures, tannins, and flavors that can perfectly go along with one another. Being one of the best fine dining Perth Italian Restaurant, at Prego’s you have the option to choose to drink the finest wine by the glass or bottle.

And why wouldn’t you go to a restaurant that not only serves good food and wine but also has the right ambiance? Don’t worry if your previous plans of fine dining did not go well because you didn’t find the right fine dining Italian restaurant in Perth. If you’re in quest of a truly fine dining and authentic Italian experience, Prego Restaurant is where your search ends.

We conform to all standard safety measures to keep the virus away, right from placing sanitizers around the premises to making masks mandatory for both customers and staff will be followed when we re-open our restaurant.
At Prego, we are proud to offer authentic Italian food, made with fresh, quality ingredients and recipes that come straight from our home kitchen. In response to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are now only accepting orders for takeaways.
To experience the magic of Italian food culture, book a reservation today!

Best Italian Restaurants in Perth

If you are looking to enjoy some exotic Italian cuisines in Perth, you need to know how to get access to one.
One, for example, is Prego Restaurant. We have earned the name of the best Italian restaurant in Perth. You wouldn’t want to dig up in the wrong place when trying to find the best Italian restaurant in Perth. Here is what you should know when it comes to Italian cuisine. The Italian restaurants in Perth have some ideally great characteristics which can signify your dining experience. Your experience in such restaurants should always be of top priority and should never be shortchanged.

Things you need to know about Italian Cuisine

1.      Italian Food Differs from One Place to Another

The Italian cuisine in Perth differs from Northern Italy. Polenta is a popular Italian cuisine which the people in Southern Italy do not prefer.

Cuisine from Northern Italy is quite gamey when compared with the South. Their diet consists of more vegetarian and seafood items.

2.      Carbonara is one of the most popular dishes

Whenever visiting an Italian restaurant in Perth like Prego, if you feel confused by seeing the dish’s name, just order Carbonara! If you are a pasta lover, you would surely like this dish which consists of pork, eggs, milk, or cream along with flavorful pasta which would satiate your taste buds!

3.      Heavy Lunches and Light Breakfast

Italian cuisine mostly consists of light breakfasts and heavy lunches.

The breakfast mostly consists of bread and jam along with a cup of coffee.

The heavy lunches however consist of a 3-course meal. Adding an exotic wine to this meal would be posing a PERFECT combo!

4.      Wine, Bread, and Olive Oil

These are some of the basic things which you would find in an Italian restaurant. Even with us, you will find these basic items provided to you with any dish you order from our menu. These are called as staples and are a necessity when it comes to having a meal with them.

5.      Pizza

Italian cuisine without pizza seems incomplete! Most tourists in Perth say that they have never gone through an exotic pizza; until they have stepped foot in our restaurant.

Therefore, if you are having pizza make sure that you come to give us a visit!

What makes us a good Italian Restaurant in Perth

Now that you have understood what it takes to be a good Italian restaurant in Perth, you will know why you should come to Prego for tasting some of the authentic food in the vicinities of Australia.

1.      Too much food

One major rule of Italian cuisine is we don’t serve our customers less food! If you visit any Italian restaurant in Perth and leave hungry, then it would be a great problem for you.

There are too many dishes to choose from and the portion of these foods is marvelous!

Thus, you will get a good value for money experience if you choose to dine in an Italian restaurant in Perth.

2.      Superb ambiance

There is no need to rush once you visit any Italian restaurant in Perth. The basic rule at our restaurant is you need to relax and eat your food.

Therefore, the need for us to maintain a good ambiance is crucial!

Once you step inside our restaurant, the atmosphere will immediately put in a comfortable and relaxed mood in your mind.

3.      Our exceptional service

No matter how great Italian restaurants in Perth you have dined in, Prego would be the best one in their services!

When you walk through our doors, you will notice a different feeling! This feeling would come automatically since we would treat you; just like having meals in your own home.

Our attendants are well-mannered and will deliver exceptional service.

Therefore, you can’t be wrong when you choose to dine with us!


Got the idea of what Italian restaurants in Perth have in store for you? Just give us a visit and get the best experience with Italian cuisine ever!

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Prego Italian Restaurant has long been a destination choice for food lovers. Customers visit this special Italian Restaurant to taste some delectable Italian cuisine in the regions and leave the restaurant with great contentment. Our chef makes it a point to serve you the tastiest delicacies in the healthiest way. Count on us for a healthy & tasty treat and feel the indulgence!

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