Perth's Best Italian Restaurants to Test Delicious Italian Menu

Italian Italian Food | 1 June, 2020

Perth’s Best Italian Restaurants to Test Delicious Italian Menu

If it’s been a few months since you went on a dinner date with your partner or had a wonderful time discussing some delicious Italian food with your family or friends, don’t miss Prego Restaurant. Let’s see how Prego Italian restaurant can make your fine dining experience in Perth unforgettable?

One of the Perth’s best Italian restaurant of East of City Beach

Prego Restaurant is an Italian restaurant just east of City Beach, your destination for all about Italian fine dining. There is a different menu for degustation and à la carte and there is a Saturday’s set menu as well, to add to the variety.

If you are looking forward to creating a happy time together with some enticing aromas and mouth-watering tastes that come with Italian food?

There is an impression that Italian cuisine is only about Pizza and Pasta. Other than the likes of creamy Pasta dishes and oven-baked Pizza variants, Prego Restaurant has a wide range of scrumptious dishes pertaining to the Mediterranean cuisine that can titillate your taste buds.

Our hand-picked menu is known all across Perth for its myriad of traditional seasoning blends and its array of fresh ingredients and wonderfully fragrant herbs used to flavor the beautifully plated entrées and the elegant mains. And if you have a sweet tooth, then get ready to drool over our statement desserts like the classic Tiramisu, homemade authentically the Italian way. You won’t be able to stop at one serving, no matter how hard you try.

We also have an assortment of authentic Italian dishes which are suitable for vegans. If you are looking for the best wines to pair with Italian food? As well as exotic dishes ranging from meat to seafood to iconic Italian vegetables to salads to antipasto and gnocchi, we also stock an extensive wine list.


Best Italian restaurant in Perth

Quality Hospitality

Our experienced chef also knows how to expertly pair Italian food with wine because we understand the different textures, tannins, and flavors that can perfectly go along with one another. At Prego, you have the option of sipping fine wine by the glass or bottle as because we are one of the best fine dining Italian restaurants in Perth.

And why wouldn’t you go to a restaurant that not only serves good food and wine but also has the right ambiance? Forget your previous plans, if didn’t go well, because you didn’t find the perfect Italian restaurant for fine dining in Perth. If you are looking for truly fine dining and an authentic Italian experience, Prego Restaurant is where your search ends.

We check all standard safety measures to keep a clean atmosphere, regularly cleaning inside and around the premises before opening the restaurant.

At Prego, we are proud to offer authentic Italian food, made with fresh, quality ingredients and recipes that come straight from our home kitchen. In response to the current Covid-19 restrictions, we are now only accepting orders for takeaways.

To experience the magic of Italian food culture at one of the best Italian Restaurants in Perth.

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If you’re looking to enjoy some exotic Italian food in Perth, you need to know how to reach it.

One, for example, is Prego Restaurant. We have earned the name of one of the best Italian restaurant in Perth. You wouldn’t want to dig up in the wrong place when trying to find the best Italian restaurant in Perth. Here is what you should need to know when it comes to Italian cuisine. The Italian restaurants in Perth have some ideally great characteristics that can signify your dining experience. Your experience at these restaurants should always be paramount, never compromised or shortchanged.

Things you must need to know about Italian Cuisine

1. Italian Food Differs from One Place to Another

The Italian cuisine in Perth differs from Northern Italy. Polenta is a popular Italian cuisine which the people in Southern Italy do not prefer.

Cuisine from Northern Italy is quite gamey when compared with the South. Their diet consists of more vegetarian and seafood items.

2. Carbonara is one of the most popular dishes

Whenever visiting an Italian restaurant in Perth like Prego, if you feel confused by seeing the dish’s name, just order Carbonara! If you are a pasta lover, you would surely like this dish which consists of pork, eggs, milk, or cream along with flavorful pasta which would satiate your taste buds!

3. Heavy Lunches and Light Breakfast

Italian cuisine mostly consists of light breakfasts and heavy lunches. The breakfast mostly consists of bread and jam along with a cup of coffee. The heavy lunches however consist of a 3-course meal. Adding an exotic wine to this meal would be posing a PERFECT combo!

4. Wine, Bread, and Olive Oil

These are some of the basic things which you would find in an Italian restaurant. Even with us, you will find these basic items provided to you with any dish you order from our menu. These are called as staples and are a necessity when it comes to having a meal with them.

5. Pizza

Italian cuisine without pizza seems incomplete! Most tourists in Perth say that they have never gone through an exotic pizza; until they have stepped foot in our restaurant.

Therefore, if you are having pizza make sure that you come to give us a visit!

Perth's Best Italian Restaurants to Test Delicious Italian Menu

What makes us a good Italian Restaurant in Perth?

Now that you have understood what it takes to be a good Italian restaurant in Perth, you will know why you should come to Prego for tasting some of the authentic food in the vicinities of Australia.

1. Too much food

One major rule of Italian cuisine is we don’t serve our customers less food! If you visit any Italian restaurant in Perth and leave hungry, then it would be a great problem for you.

There are too many dishes to choose from and the portion of these foods is marvelous!

Thus, you will get a good value for money experience if you choose to dine in an Italian restaurant in Perth.

2. Superb ambiance

There is no need to rush once you visit any Italian restaurant in Perth. The basic rule at our restaurant is you need to relax and eat your food.

Therefore, the need for us to maintain a good ambiance is crucial!

Once you step inside our restaurant, the atmosphere will immediately put in a comfortable and relaxed mood in your mind.

3. Our Exceptional Service

No matter how great Italian restaurants in Perth you have dined in, Prego would be the best one in their services!

When you walk through our doors, you will notice a different feeling! This feeling would come automatically since we would treat you; just like having meals in your own home.

Our attendants are well-mannered and will deliver exceptional service.

Therefore, you can’t be wrong when you choose to dine with us!


Got the idea of what Italian restaurants in Perth have in store for you? Just give us a visit and get the best experience with Italian cuisine ever!

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Prego Italian Restaurant has long been a destination choice for food lovers. Customers visit this special Italian Restaurant to taste some delectable Italian cuisine in the regions and leave the restaurant with great contentment. Our chef makes it a point to serve you the tastiest delicacies in the healthiest way. Count on us for a healthy & tasty treat and feel the indulgence!

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