Best Italian Restaurants Near Me In Perth

Italian | 8 April, 2021

Best Italian Restaurants Near Me In Perth

You should already know that there are various local foods available in the vicinity of Perth. Now, who can blame us for having a love affair with Italian restaurants near me? 

Therefore, Italian dishes have the tendency to have a variety of flavor balancing food. And of course, there is the plain yet exotic garlic bread which is one of the most liked Italian dishes in these restaurants.

For your reference, here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best Italian Restaurants in Perth.

As soon as you search for Italian restaurants near me, these restaurants would be your first preference. Whenever you think about having a great food time in Perth, you can always visit these restaurants.

So, don’t go about wasting your weekly carb intake and try out some of the authentic food at these Italian restaurants in Perth.

Top 10 Italian Restaurants Near Me In Perth

1.  Lulu La Delizia

If you are someone who refuses to have pasta at home, whip up a carbonara at an exotic restaurant, Lulu La Delizia is the place you would want to be. This restaurant has earned its accolades over the past years and not only it is popular in Perth but it has earned quite a name for itself. If you are unable to decide from their huge set of menus, get the “chef’s menu” and try out the burrata (it’s a MUST). Trust us when we say this, Lulu La Delizia is the place you would start visiting if you are a huge fan of Italian restaurants near me.

2.  Prego

Prego Italian Restaurant is one of the best Italian restaurants near me. Firstly, they ensure that their customers are provided with the best Italian dining in the city along with an exotic collection of food. Secondly, you wouldn’t be left out in anyways to try out their massive food menu. Therefore, All you need to do is visit their restaurant and try their culinary culture for the appropriate Italian brunch!

Best Italian Restaurants Near Me In Perth | Top 10 Italian Restaurants

3.  II Lido

We all know that anyone would like to prefer an exotic dinner or lunch by the seaside. II Lido has once again proven themselves to be of great usefulness with their extravagant food menu and professional chefs. When you need a bit of romance in your life, try out this restaurant for a date night. There is no need to proceed with any other romanticism. You can enjoy the legendary lasagna followed by a stellar Casttesole sunset for you and your better half! It would be tough for you to get the lasagna on Sundays. So make sure you plan your day out when you are thinking about visiting this restaurant.

4.  Galileo Buona Cucina

This is an authentic Italian restaurant in Perth that the Italian Government approved.This restaurant has the Ospitalità Italiana quality seal which poses as a ‘big tick of approval’ right from the Italian Government. After all, Galileo focuses on seasonal cuisine and exotic ingredients obtained all the way from Italy. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Perth. They also have an extensive wine list which consists of 400 brands of wine from all around the world.

5.  No Mafia

This is the Italian wine bar located in the vicinity of Perth. Their inspiration comes from the recipes from Southern Italy. Their food is simple yet delicious and consists of a great list of exotic wines along with a variety of Italian cocktail menus. The cheese-filled roman arancini and the silky & delicious duck pappardelle are nothing but darn delish. You can always book your seat in this restaurant, yet, if there are only two of you, you can always enjoy a balcony seat to have a look at the local streets.

6.  Three Coins

Three Coins is under a Trequattrini family (which translates to Three Coins). They are yet another authentic restaurant to try out some of the best Italian dishes in Perth. Similarly, this place serves some of the rustic yet regional cuisines. With a variety of dishes like polenta-crusted squid and woodfired ricotta gnocchi, you would satiate your tastebuds for sure! You always gulp down these foods with a drop of Italian drink at your disposal.

7.  Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

If you are looking for a neat little joint on Williams Lane, Francoforte Spaghetti Bar is a place you would like to experiment with. This Italian restaurant in Perth provides its unique gluten-free spaghetti. This allowed them to expand their popularity. Bring in your own chianti and a little bit of cash, and you are good to go at this place.

8.  La Sosta

La Sosta has already earned a name for itself, thanks to their exotic family recipe for Italian dishes.You would get to have exciting and luxurious dishes right from the heart of Italy in Perth. Score yourself a vantage point by visiting this amazing place to try out some food combos to have the appropriate foodgasm.

Best Italian Restaurants near me in Perth

9.  Perugino

Perugino is no doubt one of the best Italian restaurants in Perth with its owner and head chef being Giuseppe Pagliaricci.  He and his wife Rosalba will provide you with an authentic experience in Italian dishes. Above all, they have always stood by their customers to provide the best food without fail. The food is an absolute classic with its legendary dessert and extensive wine list. For an unforgettable Italian restaurant, this is the place for you!

10.  Garum

Lastly, Garum is a large-scale rustic Roman restaurant in Perth

They provide their customers with high-quality yet, local Italian food inspired by Roman food and dining culture. Garum would provide you with a much-needed contemporary feel to the original heritage building in Rome.

Wrapping It Up!

If you are still hungry you can always go through our fine dining restaurant in Perth. There you will find some of the best food in the city. If you are someone who got tired of the exotic collection of Italian restaurants.


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