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Art on a Plate

A land of rich culture, heritage, and art, Italy is all about exquisite and refined taste. Italian food represents a large part of this excellent palate. Prego, the fine dine-in Perth offers a wide range of Italian food.  Each bite of the dishes prepared by the skilled chefs; here holds the essence of Italian artistry. Among the various dishes, Prego has its specialty too. Their house-made Tortellini has received applause. This dish, like any other, has a history of origin that dates back to 1570.

Tortellini or Belly Button

Tortellini is a kind of pasta; one of the most famous items from the Italian cuisine catalog. As the saying goes, Tortellini originated in the Emilia region of Italy. There is a legend related to the birth of this exquisite pasta. The Goddess of Love, Venus visited a tavern in the locality of Castelfranco Emilia. It is a small town situated between Modena and Bologna.

The keeper at the tavern was a malicious person, who had a habit of peeking through keyholes. A glimpse of the Goddess Venus’s belly amazed him. So, he went back to his kitchen and tried replicating the visual through a rolled-out egg pasta sheet. Tortellini, as a result, resembles the shape of a belly button.

Traditional Dish

Tortellini is still celebrated in the Castelfranco Emilia region by the natives. They dress up, go for parades and play enactments on a specific day.  Tortellini holds an emotional value for the natives. Preserving the long-gone history, generations commemorate the day when this uniquely shaped pasta was invented.

Pasta has been the staple food of many households for centuries. It holds a special value, in Italian people’s lives. Families have always passed this skill from time to time and it still survives. Men, women, kids – irrespective of gender and age have participated in the activity of making pasta. The tradition speaks of unity, bonding, and togetherness.


Serving History at Dine-in Perth

Tortellini, or the belly button as they call it had various ways of preparation. Some prepared it stuffed with ricotta cheese. Other families wanted to make it a fulfilling dish. So, the stuffing ranged from beef or a combination of both. A dish of carouse, tortellini was enjoyed during festivities like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Prego, the Dine-in Perth makes in-house Tortellini. Their skilled chefs have learned from authentic sources. Prepared with care, the Tortellini comes filled with Lebanese zucchini and tiger prawns. Furthermore, it has on its side char-grilled Moreton bay bugs, a scrumptious meal.

En Conclusion

Tortellini holds a special place on the menu of Prego dine-in Perth. Their other dishes are delish as well. The Mediterranean Salad and Tiramisu Once Ordered will make you crave more. Furthermore, a variety of mouth-watering delicacies, the best of chefs- food from Prego Italian Restaurant in Perth is sure to fill your soul with joy.

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