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Hard work is essential for survival. You work to live life king size which also includes eating succulent cuisines from across the world.

Unless you enjoy what you are eating, dining out is useless. There are several other factors that make your supper a memorable one.

Prego brings to you succulent Italian cuisine in Perth. Unlike other cuisines, Italian dishes are unique in themselves as it is known for ingredients. Satisfy your hunger pangs at Prego restaurant, one of the best italian restaurant in Perth.

Food is characterized not only by its typical ingredients and the way they are used in each meal, but also by the way dishes are served and the environment in which they are eaten. Speaking of Italian food, it is not only healthy but is a great cuisine with exotic flavors that is well-known world wide. Another unique feature of Italian food is that it is known for its simplicity yet exquisite taste due to permutation and combination of various ingredients. Italian cuisine is great with just a few ingredients: tomatoes, oil, bread and wine, to name a few.

There are numerous top Italian restaurants in Perth that serve classic traditional Italian food.  Meals are an important part of the Italian lifestyle. Serving is as important as eating and at Prego, we want you to feel special when you are here.

Our aim is to make you feel contended. At Prego, we ensure an ambience that you will make you give a feel of Italy while dining at Perth.

         Every TuesdayWednesday  and Thursday, you can BYO your  special wine in Prego Restaurant in Perth and enjoy your lunch and dinner. This offer is not valid with the   entertainment card discount or any other discount/ promotions.

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